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In a writing mood ...

Let's see ... I am currently in high school (not telling which grade). I like quiet and peace, which often makes people think I'm anti-social ... which is really untrue, haha. I also like music -- never found a genre I didn't like. Much like teachers.

Interesting Facts:

1. I am not afraid of pigs ... I'm rationally cautious of them.

2. My hobbies include dynamite. Interpret that as you will.

3. Unicorns do exist. They're rhinos. ...They got squished.

4. Morn, torn, scorn, horn, thorn, mourn, corn, born, adorn, lorn, shorn, sworn, worn, borne, and warn are all one-syllable words that rhyme with porn. Why do I know this? Because I, my friends, have a dirty mind.

OK, now that I feel special, time for my stories/summaries/ ... alright, so there are only two. But they're still there!

Dover Dreams: About the title change -- one, I was never happy with 'Scattered'. It was something I came up with as I typed it in. The meaning of the new one has special significance, parts of which will be revealed as the story goes on. I'll tell you one now. Dover is part of a street name for opium, the full term being Dover's deck.

Now for the characters!

Character #1:

Hadrienne Viena Score.

Age: 14 years old. Her birthday is August 21st, so at the time of the story she has just turned fourteen.

Meaning of Name: Rich/dark. Artful. "Settle the score".

Description: She has black hair and pale green eyes, which go well with her mature demeanor. Hadrienne has always looked forward to the day she inherits the family business, and was not sad when her father died.

Character #2:

Ethan Broderick Score

Age: 17 years old. His birthday is October 6th.

Meaning of name: Son of the nobleman, I think. I can't really remember, and I'm too lazy to look XD

Description: With brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles, he takes after his mother in both looks and attitude. He is a romantic who couldn't stand to be tied to the responsibility of a Marquess. At age ten, he ran away.

Character #3:

Avery Marlowe

Age: 39 years old. His birthday is June 16th, and he has served the Score family for twenty years.

Meaning of name: Noble, bear-like. Hill by the lake. Yeah, I didn't choose his for the meaning. I just like the way it sounds.

Description: Brown hair and a somewhat scruffy beard. He is very set in his principles, and has devoted his life to the Scores for reasons unknown.

Character #4:

Nathaniel David Score

Age: Also 39. His birthday is April 3rd, but he's kind of dead now.

Meaning of name: Gift of God. Beloved. His names were chosen for their irony.

Description: Dark-haired with blue eyes, he was very distant and very private. As the former ruler of his family's business empire, he holds many secrets -- including the mysterious prosperity he's experienced in recent years, and the disappearance of his wife ten years ago.

Character #5:

Quimby Rice.

Age: 35. His birthday is February 24th, which I always considered to be a romantic date. It's the association with Valentine's, I guess.

Meaning of name: Women's estate XD. I dunno if it's just me, but that seemed incredibly naughty.

Description: Brown hair, tan skin, and glasses. He grew up in India, but moved to England when his father was killed in a robbery. He takes care of his mother and grandparents, and works for the Scotland Yard.

This guy's one of my favorites.

Character #6:


He has a name.

And it is Bransis Grey.

Age: He looks about seventeen. Birthday: February 29th. Because I have a sense of humor.

Meaning of name: Oh, you remember how I went schizo and chose a name I thought existed, but actually didn't? WELL, I was looking through the Baby Names Book, and I saw the name Brencis. And it all clicked! I changed it, just a little, because I liked the meaning, but hated the way it was pronounced. And it means: ... Crowned with laurel??


Description: Black hair, pale green eyes. He deliberately copied Hadrienne. Maybe he has no imagination. He also seems less in control of his emotions than one would initially believe.

I love Bransis so much, it's not even funny. Is it legal to love your own character?

What's that you say?


Well, I suppose ... But why would you want to have something in common with that?

Character #7:

Fynn Arture

Age: 15. His birthday is July 14th, so he's about a year older than Hadrienne.

Meaning of name: 'Son of the red-haired man'. 'Arture' is a play on 'Archer'. They're pronounced the same.

Description: Dirty-blonde hair and black eyes. He's quiet, but so far he's kind of creepy. Like, seriously, seriously creepy.

I like him. That is all.

Character #8:

Abraham Arture

Age: 42. I don't care enough about him to look up his birthdate, but I'm pretty sure it was in November.

Meaning of name: Abraham? Uh, I think it's something like 'father of the nations' or something. If anyone knows, feel free to message me.

Description: Dark red hair and blue eyes ... at least, I think they're blue -_-'.

He's also a little creepy. And now he's dead.

Gee, I hope anyone reading this has already read the story ...

Character #9:

Elbert York (XD)

Age: Heck, I'll tell you the truth. He didn't exist until the very moment I wrote him in. No planning behind this guy whatsoever, so he's probably gonna screw up the plot completely. Oh, well.

Meaning of name: I'll look it up ... ummm ... 'noble, bright, famous'. And for York ... just think of peppermint patties. Yeah.

Description: Blonde, hazel eyes. I don't remember his personality ... but I think it was kind of nervous. Then again, his friend was dying. So ...

My laziness is showing...

Character #10:

Elbert's wife.

Oh, jeez, I can't even think of a name. How about Alexandria? Yeah? Or what about Rhonda?

Rhonda, yes, that's it.

Age: -_-

Meaning of name: I have an aunt named Rhonda. And no one likes her.

Description: Know what, this really sucks. She's very controlling. There we go.

Character #11:

(Does it never end?)

Edward Crowley.

Age: I seriously don't know. I see him as being fairly young -- perhaps in his thirties.

Meaning of name: 'Wealthy guard'. Also, Aleister Crowley was a famous ... well, he did a bunch of creepy things.

Description: He's actually a character now, so I can add more stuff. Brown hair, hazel eyes. He can now turn into a Shadow.

Also, he's much closer to Fynn, and less skittish.

Character #12:

Laurel Kuhn

Age: 18. Her birthday is March 1st. And I actually planned her! YAY!

Meaning of name: Laurel equals laurel. Kuhn is my art teacher's name ... and he has no bearing on this conversation (read: I couldn't remember the maid's real name).

Description: Blonde, with blue eyes and a burly physique. She's very nervous, especially around authority figures, and she tends to talk a lot. She has a sort of father-daughter relationship with Avery, but it's mostly one-sided. Avery's not really a fatherly type, is he?

Character #13:


Age: N/A. Because I am sick and tired of ages.

Meaning of name: OH! It's Joseph! Only weird and Italian. And, and, Giuseppe Tartini wrote the Devil's Trill.

What's that?

You don't know what that is?


Anyway ... Giuseppe is the cook. I included him because I can.

There will be more characters to come, as they're introduced. Also, character descriptions will be updated.

Alice: Basically, this is a very, very long very, very complex story about a serial killer and the detective that has to catch him. The Cheshire is kidnapping people in an attempt to recreate the world of Alice in Wonderland. It's up to Diane Charles to find out who's next.

Currently, we are in the second arc, following the creation of Cheshire's Mad Hatter.

Character #1:

Diane Charles

Age: 31.

Meaning of name: Divine, huntress. See that? Huntress? Aren't I clever?

Description: Small and mousy. Brown hair, brown eyes. She is a detective and grew up in an extremely religious, constrictive home.

Also, she's the main character. But so far she has the smallest role ...

Character #2:


Age: ??

Meaning of name: ... You know that cat? The one that led Alice through Wonderland? Yeah, I think it was him.

Description: Blonde, green eyes, looks to be in his mid-twenties. He is charming but psychotic, and often talks to himself.

To tell the truth, I have pretty much EVERY SINGLE detail of EVERY SINGLE moment of this guy's life planned out. But as of now, I can't even tell you his name :( As of now, he's been called Chester and Ches.

Character #3:


Age: 26

Meaning of name: Della Moore was the prostitute girlfriend of Kid Curry, a well-known criminal of the time.

Description: Black, short hair, very pretty in a buxom sort of way. She is a stripper and very strong-willed. Cheshire sees her as the Queen of Hearts.

I ... I just gotta say, I like her.

Character #4:

Jethro Bealle

Age: 12

Meaning of name: Jethro was Moses's father-in-law. James H. Beal was a master at recognizing forgery.

Description: Small, with brown hair and a pinched face. He is desperate to be different.

Character #5:

Connie Vit

Age: 29

Meaning of name: I - I ... I CAN'T TELL YOU! FORGIVE ME! You're allowed to do your own digging, if you want ...

Description: Tall and pretty, with a kind disposition and a teasing attitude. Diane believes she is too pretty for the job.

Character #6:

Orshell Findley (I'm putting him in because I love him and I can't wait)

Age: ... Read the story. You'll find out.

Meaning of name: Similar to Bransis, I swear this name was in my little book. But when I looked for it again, nothing. Findley, on the other hand, is a college in Ohio. I think.

Description: Black ponytail, handsome. He was very showy, which contributed to his downfall in the police department.

He probably won't show up for a while. In the meantime, feel free to admire his profile. I know I will.

Just a little update here on stories. The Death of Pan will only be continued if anyone is interested. It's just a scene I've had in my head for about three months that I finally put down on paper. It does have a story to go with it -- just one I probably won't expand upon XD

I also have a little notebook full of fifty+ ideas that I plan to expand on as soon as I'm done with Dover, haha. Strangely, dang near every one has a title starting with 'S', which makes the fact that I want to change 'Dover Dreams' to 'Smoke' kind of suck.

That said, I hope you read it and enjoy ... though I don't think anyone actually reads my profile, anyway. -_-"