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Name: NurikoHime
Real Name: Emily is fine, unless YOU'RE named Emily, then I'm Emilic. Always have to be original!
Birthday: October 26 (presents welcome!)
Food: Chinese is usually the best, though I adore anything with BBQ sauce and sweet stuff is ok by me.
Color: Pink, Red, and White (Valentine's Day!) though orange is nice too
TV Show: Whose Line is it Anyway?
Movie: Anything by Rogers and Hammerstein, Young Frankenstien, Gone With the Wind, and The Emperor's New Groove
Book: Zel by Donna Jo Napoli was good...Actually, a classic (preferably historic) romance is fine by me
Ship: Harry Potter: Shaken, Not Stirred (Ron/Hermione and Harry/Draco)
Fushigi Yugi: Tasuki/Miaka
Fanfic Genre to write: Romance
Fanfic Genre to read: Romance, but I like to unwind with a humor fic

Food: Avacado and mayo! Yuck!
Color: Neon Yellow. My eyes are too fragile.
TV Show: I don't like Spongebob all that much...
Movie: the movie Bye Bye Birdie slaughtered the original broadway musical
Book: Anything too depressing and pitiful, or anything my teachers make me read. They LOVE depressing no-one-else-on-earth-has-read books.
Ship: Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione
Fushigi Yugi: Chichiri/Tasuki
Fanfic Genre to write: Suspense, cuz I always tell everyone the ending before I upload it.
Fanfic Genre to read: I don't like darkfics all that much.

Name: NurikoNoMiko
Real Name: Taira, but she's really called Laney (you shut up)
Birthday: July 3

Food: I'm pretty sure it's steak (yes it is)
Color: I'd be danged if I didn't know this one: Purple, to the point that she wants my (green) parrotlet to be painted purple. (The whole world is purple, you just see it wrong, okay?)
TV Show: Whose Line
Movie: Non-anime? Hmm, I'll say Harry Potter cuz I have no idea (it's Mission Impossible, Em, HOW many times have I told you that? Three, I think)
Book: She can't really think of a 'very favorite' but she does like anything by Douglas Adams (HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE RULES!!!)
Ships: Harry Potter: R/H
Fushigi Yugi: I think Tamahome/Miaka (*shakes head violently* Suboshi/Yui and Tatara/Suzuno!! Never Tamahome/Miaka!)
Fanfic Genre to write: Humor
Fanfic Genre to read: Humor

Food: Peppers? I dunno (You know me so well -_-.)
Color: I don't think she hates a certain color... (It used to be orange but now that's Suboshi's color so I guess I can't yell at you for that)
TV Show: Anything too stupid
Movie: She hated CCS: The Sealed Card... (*shudders* S+S! *sobs*)
Book: Probably the same as me. School required books. (Johnny Tremain. It's an evil book. It must die. Oh, and My Brother Sam is Dead. That was a really violent, gory, depressing book. I mean, HALF THE FAMILY DIES!!!)
Ships: Harry Potter: I don't think she has a ship she especially hates (just not anything really weird)
Fushigi Yugi: Miaka/Nuriko (and Suboshi/Amiboshi, it's AWFUL!)
Fanfic Genre to write: Probably anything but humor (Nuh-uh! I have written other things besides humor. I've also written General, AND Romance so there! My least favorite would be horror, I think)
Fanfic Genre to read: Porn? Lol (YAOI MUST DIE!!!)


"Amiboshi, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
"I want to be either a famous flutist, a veteranarian, or a puppy!"
~Soi and Amiboshi, in a dream I (Taira) had once. Yeah.

"*in a southern accent* Excuse meh, Ah hate to upsait the turnip cart, but yeh steel cain't summun Suzahhku yait!"
~Dubbed Tomite, Episode 34 of Fushigi Yuugi

"Santa, give me a good man for Christmas!"
"Sorry, honey, doesn't exist."
"Santa, give me a lesbian for Christmas!"
~My sister Hope and some other girl who I don't know

"Amiboshi and Suboshi lived in a penthouse and rode bicycles made out of concrete bathtubs!!"
~Me. You're really better off not asking about this one. It was 6:00 AM, I'd stayed up until midnight the night before, I was unbelievably sleep-deprived because I kept waking up in the middle of the night, and I had a headache. *nodnod*

"Just... just... SCREW the Shinzaho!"
~Miaka, in the fanfic "RavenBlack Night, CrystalWhite Morning" by Kang Xiu AKA my good friend Kourin!

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