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This is the original fiction account of the FFN account BlackBlood1872. I may post single chapter stories every once in a while, since those are the only things I really finish. I'm not active very often, sorry. I do have a few things in the works, if anyone wants to wait long enough for me to post them.

For anyone who was interested in my Distorted story, I've taken it down because it's in a much older form of writing than I have now. Also, the chapters I posted sucked. I wrote that when I was around fourteen, so the quality was poor. I will attempt to write it better now, if anyone cares, and may post something for that universe in the future. (Especially since I have ideas for the main two boys, as well as Tom's parents and some other interesting kids who will eventually move to Elare. It's a large universe.)

In regards to my current writing, I have a lot of things that are not even close to ready to post or publish, whatever I end up doing.

"A World of Fragile Things". This story is based on kids with superpowers and their rotten childhoods before they're whisked away from life-shattering circumstances and adopted into the Catherwood clan. Warnings for lots and lots of angst, prejudice, murder, a rape scene, unconventional romance and a lot of other stuff I haven't written up yet. Can you tell that this is the one I like the most right now?

"Family of Killers" (which used to be Distorted). This is about the people who live in Elare who are, rather obviously, murderers. It's not actually that dark of a series, though the context definitely is. Warnings for murder, angst, and plot twists.

"Werewolf Project". A working title that stuck, this is the story about the life of a werewolf and his overbearing friends.

"Noble Gas Tales" (which is the blanket title for the series Take of Argon is in). Set on an alternate planet, this was a folk tale I had to write in grade 9 that spiraled into a much larger thing. The first story, Tale of Argon, is two chapters and actually pretty close to finished. I just need to work on the last chapter, which is longer than the first because my writing style has evolved since I started it.

"Band of Misfits". This is a bit of a story in the Harry Potter universe (cue groans, I know) but takes place somewhere in America and doesn't actually mention any canon HP characters. It certainly references the events of Harry Potter (because news of a war travels) and uses the same terms for magic with some fanon ones thrown in. Other than that, original.

"Secondary Nature". This is my story about aliens, the fun of Terraforming other planets, and unconventional romance.

At some point in the future, these may be posted. But, given it's me, it's unlikely.

You can find my fan fictions at

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Always Blue by In the Bolted Closet reviews
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He's no you by Dameon Kuroshiro reviews
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Tale of Argon
When both the amulet of Velius and the heir of the Rivera family go missing, Neon makes it his duty to bring them back
Fiction: General - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,027 - Published: 12/28/2014
Just a Normal Kid
The weight of his backpack was a constant reminder of what he was doing and the possible consequences of it. He tried to stay calm. He was just a normal kid; nothing unusual here
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Don't reviews
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