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I'm 15 now. Yes.


Some of you may have realized the minor change.

I'm rewriting many stories.

I'm back after a looooong hiatus.

I've created a whole new world with my stories.

I'm going update more frequently.

I've also joined Wattpad. (It's a secret but I actually update more there 'cause I've got the app on my phone ehehehe.)


I haven't died, I'm still writing.

You may not call me anything besides ChocoMalt or Malt.

I am not continuing any of my old stories.


I'm back and so I shall make sure you guys know which stories were my old one by putting [OLD VER.] next to it or something haha. I can't come up with anything better right now.


I'm not updating it. I'm rewriting it completely and moving the timeline ahead to the future! Also, if you've read the first version, you may see that the events in the second version refer to the first but to those who haven't read it, I'm going to say that you don't have to and never will have to because you will understand it anyways from what I'm writing now. Also, it might be morphed and twisted so it won't help anyways. YOU SHALL NOT GET SPOILERS FROM IT HAHAHAHAHA.

Okay, I'm done.

-I promise to update once a month with this...but if you really can't wait...check out the unformatted version that's also unedited on my Wattpad...

(I need to apologize if the physical appearances of characters are unclear...cuz sometimes I get mixed up too...)

Oh to make it easier...here's a sorta cast for the characters:

(undecided) as Malisa/Malt(undecided/debating) as Dominic DanielsMoon Chae Won as Irene LeeJeremy Sumpter as Jayden WalkerConnor Jessup as Leon Phantomhive


Rewriting this too...in the far future when I feel more inspired by the characters...Now? Not so much. I've gotten bored of Leon but no worries, because if you miss if seriousness and arrogance you can see him in 'The Matchmaker' (new and old version - but please, I beg of you to not read the old version). Yes, I am promoting another story ;)


A brand new story, possibly almost never seen before. Here is the summary ;)

Poor Ciro swore never to be involved with the rich and famous ever again after what happened with her unbelievably wealthy boyfriend. When she meets Damien Walker the youngest son of a rich and powerful family, will she believe him when he says he cares for her?

Or is revenge the only thing on both their minds?

I might change it later if I can work my brain to do so for a better one but yes, that's about it. Oh, if it sounds familiar...Walker family? That's Jayden's younger brother by the way :D Be happy. And stay tuned.


This is definitely a whole new story and has never been revealed on any of my account(s) before as a tester thingy ;) hint, hint. In fact, I haven't even gotten a summary for it - so you guys just gotta wait!!


Ok. So. I. Actually. Planned. This. With. My. Friend. And. Oh. Gosh. Don't. Kill. Me. So yeah, I planned it with her so I give the story line credit - well, half of it - to her. Adrian Walker is the main guy and yes, he is a Walker. This means...dun dun dun...he IS Jayden's younger brother and ... dun dun dun ... he's Damien's twin brother! That's about it ;) Please keep waiting.


This is a more light-hearted story so I'm going to save it. However, do not misunderstand. I have not abandoned it! Alyssa and Rey are still needed because if you've read 'The Matchmaker' (Another light-hearted story), you'll understand who Alyssa really is ;) And soon to be revealed...REY!!!

-That's all for now, I guess. More updates soon.



English is supposed to be my second language...Thai is supposed to be my first...I don't really know which is my first or second anymore...

For some reason I like stories that involve butlers, maids and rich people...
Romance stories that one side is rich and the other is poor...:P

Fantasy and School Life based is fun too!

I play Piano, Violin and Trumpet...

I like K-POP and J-Rock...B2ST, SS501, FT Island, CN Blue, SID, Vocaloid, Alice Nine!

I like Green Tea :P

I'm 13=??

I hate liars...so tell the truth!

I love Blue and NEON GREEN

I'm a girl...

PINGASSAGNIP=Secret Language!!

BlackBerry is better than iPhone :P (My opinion, not yours!)

My brain is an endless pit of ideas...I've got so many stories but no time...and when I do I end up staying up late writing it...even on school nights.

I have one about Music planned, I just started one called Emotionless Being, I'm still getting ideas for Magic Society, I'll update The Matchmaker soon, My Personal Pet will come once every month and if I miss one month out, two chapters will come the next month. (Hopefully)

ALSO...I didn't fully write/plan these stories myself, my cousin Rey helped me :) SO BIG THANKS TO HIM!!

My friends are: Kuromike, -miwakoS.-, The AnnoyingA55hole and irit16!


You'll probably find this annoying but...I've made it a sort of personal goal to not have more chapters than I have reviews in a story :/

Last Updated: October 10th 2011

My Personal Pet-

Halfway through Chapter 5, for like a month or so now. I haven't got the right emotions right now to be able to write the characters out and show their personality to you...-_- If I continue to write now, Leon would turn gay and Yuki would become the hero of the story...wouldn't that be interesting? Thanks for all the reviews!

UPDATE July 7 '11: Chapter 5 almost done...I just need to (enter description of mansion here)...yeah...I wrote the whole chapter and am satisfied...well, kind of...except for that part...I need the description of the mansion for their little tour in the chapter...Please wait a little longer!! -

UPDATE October 10 '11: This story...is going away!! Look at Matchmaker Chapter 8 for info :D I'm sorry!

The Matchmaker-

No plans for this story. Haven't started chapter 3, if you got any ideas, PM me...Did that rhyme if you read it aloud? -_- Anyways, after my friends (who are in the story) read it, they said that the way I described them was funny...-_-

UPDATE July 6 '11: Chapter 3 is up...a little more development in the story but not much. I dedicate this chapter to all my friends mentioned in the chapter, you know who you are...Special thanks to Kuromi AKA Kuromike for giving me motivation and to Irene AKA irit16 for reading it! This chapter is specially for you guys! I'm in the process of starting Chapter 4 with motivation from Irene and Kuromike...if I had a little more motivation then it would be done by now...Curse my laziness!!

UPDATE July 7 '11: Chapter 4 up...I'm not satisfied with it though...It was too random and I didn't really know where it was going...hopefully Chapter 5 will be better! Please review! I'll definitely make it better...answer this question in your reviews if you see this: What do you want to see more of in the story? (eg. humor, romance, Leon, etc.) I hope to get chapter 5 out tomorrow...This chapter is dedicated to Irene for reviewing that one little review to give me the motivation!

UPDATE July 10 '11: Chapter 5 is up! The best and longest chapter so far in my POV...Hopefully, it's not confusing...I expect the most reviews on this chapter telling me whether the dialogue was confusing or not...also, this chapter is dedicated to Miwako and Pang...Miwako, sorry I couldn't give you much speech still...next chapter I'll put more and Pang, Happy Birthday! Does this count as a present? You're not in the chapter though...I'll finish chapter 6 quickly with lot's of Pang and Miwako in it...but firstly let's see what happens to Malt...

UPDATE September 23 '11: I'm sorry!! Chapter 6 and 7 are here!! I kinda rushed through both...After finishing all these stories, I probably won't do anymore XD Bo worries though...cuz MPP and MS are far from completed -.- lol. Okay! umm...Chapter 6 is dedicated to Kuromike and Irene and Sarah!! Chapter 7 is to Hamleys, Francesca, Jolie and Janice!! Thanks for the support guys!! Look out for stuff! XD Btw, look for Micchin XD Some of my ideas may turn up there in the future :D

UPDATE October 10 '11: Well, chapter 8 is up...and I'm here to announce that...there are 2 chapters left...this was my first piece that I decided to finish...it was rushed and mostly only for fun to put down ideas :D that's all! Thanks for all the support!! Also, MPP info is in this chapter in the A/N :) I'm not gonna write anymore after these two chapters...read for more info.

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