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Hi there! I'm a teenager. I'm a girl. I enjoy writing humor stories. I feel like I'm a pretty funny person. This is just an awkward introduction to my profile.

MY TUMBLR: http:///

Why should you check it out? Because you've seen what I'm like as a writer, but now... you can see what I'm like as a real life person. You can see all the stuff that I don't want to put on this profile, because this profile is more dedicated to my writing.

But I have to put in a little background info, so that you know what I'm like and where I'm coming from.

I used to use Quizilla, but I got sick and tired of that. So I wound up here, posting my stories and hoping that the general public will like them.

That's all for now!

About my stories:

The Guide to Surviving Bieber Fever: A fictional guide on how to cure a case of Bieber fever. My most popular story (over 2,000 hits!), and also my only finished one!

Fairytales Done Right: I've redone several well-known fairytales and fables the way I think think they should be done. It's gonna be a long one!

No Secrets Allowed: I couldn't think of a good summary to put with the story, but here's the (longer) summary of the plot- Basically, you get to follow a few high school students through the school year... by reading their diaries, which they are being forced to write in for a grade.

Reasons Why Love Doesn't Exist: My newest story. Sophie Bower has sworn off true love- it can't be real. But while working as a bartender at a fancy beach resort, she runs into a cute new guy... and unfortunately a not-so-cute guy from her past. Will she choose one of them? Or will she stay single forever? You'll have to read to find out ;)

As you can see, I like writing short chapters. I don't like things too long and drawn out. In the future, I may write longer chapters for my stories, but for now, short and sweet.

I also like writing humor stories, although No Secrets is more of romantic comedy. I like to make people happy, and in return people make me happy, because I get reviews like this:

"I LOL'ed so hard on this."- Fuline Lite

"Lol! This story is genious and I love it! [...] My brother and I were cracking up"- Ninja Hotdog

"brilliant. bloody brilliant."- Made to Syn

"I can't help but laugh every time I read this!"- PyroPsycho x-x

"this really makes my day a bit more liveable."- Adara Darville

"This is BRILLIANT!"- raptoregg64

"This is one of the most amazing original fictions I have ever read."- Kaist

(The Guide to Surviving Bieber Fever)

"I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when the pig "Shot that --"" -Anonymous (I don't know if I'm allowed to swear on my profile?)

"That was great, and by far one of the best stories to bring a smile to anyone's face."- Perfectenpointe

"OMG! LOL! I swear, this is exactly how that book should have went."- Magic Jac

"This is pretty creative and funny to match. I love it."- Pandora's Jar

(Fairytales Done Right)

Now you might think I'm trying to show off by posting these great reviews, but honestly, reviews like that MAKE MY DAY. I cannot tell you how happy I am when I read reviews like these listed above. I have the most amazing readers on the face of the earth!

As I look through the Humor section, I'm sometimes very disappointed by what I find. MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE: I can't tell you how annoying it is to read a "story" that is really just a collection of stupid conversations that you and your friend had. As funny as you think they are, we don't understand anything. We're not laughing. It's like when something happens between you and your friend, and you're just pissing yourself laughing so hard. And you decide it's just so hilarious, you have to tell your other friends. So you tell them, and they just give you this blank stare. And you say, "You had to be there." Basically, it's the same thing when you put your "funny" thoughts, ideas, and conversations on here. - HAVE A PLOT! This pretty much goes along with the tip above. Nobody enjoys reading something that's just a collection of awkward jokes. Even if it's just a simple oneshot, still have some sort of basic plot. - DON'T FORCE HUMOR! Don't pack every funny thing you can into two sentences. The only kind of laughter that will ensue will be laughter of pity. You don't need to have a joke in every sentence. And also, don't make things as random as possible because you think it's hilarious. Chances are, we'll just end up confused.

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Reasons Why Love Doesn't Exist reviews
Sophie Bower is twenty-three years old and perfectly happy with staying single the rest of her life. Fairy tale wedding? Not her style. Happily ever after? No way. She can think of a hundred reasons why love doesn't exist.
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A humorous ten-part guide on how to cure yourself of Bieber Fever. Written in total sarcasm by a Bieber Hater.
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