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Hey guys! My name is Sonia =) I'm in high school inspired by my English teacher to be a writer!

by joining fictionpress, i think that with a little practice, i'll be able to gain experience and become better than i am right now (which is not that good). I won't be writing full-length novels on here, just a couple of one-shots. So please, if you're reading this, then read my story(ies) and comment on what i need to do to improve. And please be VERY critical, i won't take anything too personal. =)

Thank for your help!

Here's a little about me! (if you're interested and have time to waste =)

Favorite colour: Purple

What I enjoy doing: Being outside

What I hate doing: Staying cooped up in my house. It's like a jail in here

What I want to do with my life: I want to be a teacher for either high school or elementary school, then hopefully getting a Ph. D in science or english and teaching at a university. =)

Siblings: One sister- she's in her first year in college =) Yay Sissy!

Personality: I think i'm a bit too friendly. I 'm one of those people that if i know you, or know that you're in my class or something, and i see you upset, then i'll bother you until i know what's wrong and try to make you smile. But i get the point when i'm not wanted. I also help people as much as i can. I put everyone else in front of me (which is sometimes not very good)

Random facts:

-I smile too much

- I've had the same crush for 7 years ( And you'd think he would have gotten it by now, =)

- I want to go to Syracuse University

- I don't really enjoy high school

- I'm not even close to being popular, but it doesn't really bother me

- I'm confident the right amount

- I've hula hooped for 36 minutes without stopping before

- I play Varsity tennis at my high school

- And now i don't know what to write lol

If any of you guys have anything to say to me, just email me or comment me, i'm on this website regularly =) Enjoy your life everyone! =DD

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Be my girlfriend." - "You just met her!" - "You did just meet me. Unless you've been stalking me, in which case I'd have to say yes since you've tried so hard." - "So the only way you'll be my girlfriend is if I told you I've been stalking you" / FINISHED
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EROTIC STORY I suck at titles reviews
A story of a man and woman that have jaw-dropping you-know-what during their honeymoon. Includes erotic-ness. Please R&R!
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another one-shot. i think it's pretty cute, but i guess you guys will have to let me know ; read it, it took me a while to perfect it.
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