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Hey There!

My name is Mindy, and if there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I have this weirdly insane obsession with anything villain. Part of it might be because I'm deep down a sinister, twisted person. Though I'm extremely nice and polite to people, my inner thoughts and decisions are usually consumed with pain, death, plain bluntness, black thought, or serious contempt. My main goal in life is to successfully become a surgeon of some kind, (hopefully either neurological, obstetrics, cardio, or entirely general) earn tons of money and obtain serious amounts of wealth, and then become a top selling-author on top of that. Some may ask, "Why a surgeon?" It actually goes along with the whole emo-feelings-I-can't-control thing. I like the idea of cutting open someone's body and seeing their beating heart, their pumping blood. I want to see the body's physiological reactions and functions while it's still working healthily and biologically. I'm consumed by the idea of gore, of creepy pictures, of the insides of someone's digestive system.

But when you compare the psychiatry of my mind to the appearance of my being, you get serious problems. Other than the second piercings and the wildly permanent blue streak in my hair, I am perfectly normal looking. I'm strawberry blond dyed over several times (currently blond with strawberry streaks weaved in), with an average weight size (AVERAGE not being the size of a stick) and an endearing smile. I could walk along the street and have people wonder in their minds, "Oh what a nice young lady. She'll probably want to be a nurse, or a school teacher when she grows up." Ha. Nurses are wussies.

I write when I can't tolerate reality any longer. Often I'll delve deep into some small corner of my mind and fall into step with the ultimate adventure-takers and thrill seekers my mind can conjure. It's my emotional and mental release from stress I endure during my every day life. With work, school, responsibility, and relationships to manage, I've found the escape soothing and infinite, considering you can write anything and everything that comes to mind.

I have this sick and growing obsession with a story developed by a bunch of friends a few years back. It's become my first and only complete novel I've ever written. I'm currently in the revision stage, and after three months of writer's block, I've finally found the obsession I once had. Now all I can think about is this whole romantic, fantastical, adventurous story. All I can think about are my deep, complex characters and their thoughts, problems, romances. All I can think about is new ways to improve my villain's appearance, motive, philosophical descriptions. I don't think it will ever end.

I've basically just thrown myself at you and now you're probably overwhelmed with only a fourth of who I truly am. It's okay, though. One day you'll see M.T. Christen on the cover of the novel in your bedroom, and you'll think to yourself, I know a little bit more than what the back of that book can tell me.

Most of these works have been put up a long time ago. I've just recently come back to my profile on this website and posted my new revised novel. I finally found time between work and summer fun to explore and post a little bit. Just so you know, some of these things were written years ago when I was thirteen or fourteen. My writing is amateur compared to others, but every day I improve. Thank you for taking time from your terribly busy and important lives to read this. I truly am grateful!


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Drink it. Drink the green stuff. It was a small whisper in the chaos of his thoughts, though the familiarity of its tone comforted him.
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