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Story that i want to publish!:)

Its a Cinderella Story: A girl who loves to sing! But her dreams of becomming a star shadiers because of a car crash that had made her parents died. now she had to live with an evil stepmother who is a model/actress and two evil step brother and sister. will she served and what about her dreams? Will she accomplish them?

A deal with the Devil: He saved her life from a evil person now she must do want ever he wants. but what?

The Bet: Jessica and Railey had been known for being rivals at a local high school. but every one their friends had made a bet. they had bet that at the end of the school Jessica and Railey will sooner and later will fall for each other. Will it work?

Alice's Dress:,r:8,s:36&biw=1059&bih=508

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Forbidden Slave by authorLH reviews
15-year-old Jordan thought her life was over after breaking up with her boyfriend until she's transported into the early 18th century and forced to become the slave of a cruel master. Things get even worse when that master starts to show interest in her. Can Jordan find a way back to her own time before the unthinkable happens?
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Arashi, the son of a famous musician, fallen actress, and the stepson of an heiress, has spent years trying to maintain the balance in his life. Yet, with so much pressure on him, he finally leaves Japan for California to reconnect with his birth mother and live a quiet, normal life. But, when he meets Nanette, his delicately balanced world slowly begins to tilt. AM/BW [Updated]
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Sanctuary (Black Moon book 1) by Wacky-Jacky7 reviews
What if there existed an alternate Earth? What if you were chosen to save that planet? What if the lines between Light and Darkness were blurred and you didn't know who your enemies and allies were? Leah Cunningham is the last Light Warrior and bound to Black Moon by a destiny she can't escape, but not bound by it's rules...(Draft)
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In the Shadow of the Wolf by anissa7118 reviews
Allyson Charnock just wanted to be a veterinarian. But it looks like Fate had other plans for her. Her first mistake was trying to treat her sleepwalking herself, failing to realize it was a symptom of something else entirely.
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Mari is the daughter most would die to have. Smart, pretty, kind. So why do her parents keep abusing her? In a desperate attempt to escape her torture she runs away from her family manor. Then she meets Ace. When the Night and Day meet what will happen?
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Saddle Up For Love by H. N. Vaughn reviews
Stop it Cory! Quit lying through your teeth. It is just making it worse." "Heather, I'm not lying. I am telling the truth." "Prove it." And so he did by pulling me into his arms and kissing me. Out of reflex, I pushed him away and slapped him. "Liar." R&R
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May was ticked off when she found out that she had to go live with her filthy rich Aunt and Uncle for tenth grade. Now, what if you meet your new neighbor—who happens to be an arrogant, famous teen idol—at the mailbox while you're in your penguin pajamas?
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Shakespeare, my ass! by Yezzie reviews
There's a fine line between hate and love, they say. It took a cigarette inside a sundae, a shove into a pool, countless name-calling, odd circumstances and TONS of persistence from their friends for Romeo Williams and Juliette Summers to realize that! REMOVED
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The Debutante by Angelica.Eddings reviews
Regency After baring her thighs to the queen and half of the English aristocracy, Priscilla Randall is determined to salvage her ruined reputation. Too bad Ethan Howell, the handsome Marquess of Ainsworth, has other things in mind--namely seduction.
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Third Company: Revelation by aGirlinPort reviews
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Harrison Cole is a ghost with a dangerous past. He haunts an old house in a small town and social outcast Nancy is dared to go in. An unlikely friendship develops but Harrison is keeping a secret from Nancy. Will her life get better or worse?
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Midnight Child by Laurel Alex reviews
Alexandra starts her first year at Enwright Valley Academy, a school for supernaturals. But Alex doesn't know what kind of supernatural she is. As she struggles to discover her true identity a boy comes into her live; a boy with all her answer, it seems..
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Dragonet by HyperNova reviews
Dragons were once the highest rulers of the land. The king of beasts. Then the humans arrived. Soon all dragons became spirits, no more than fairy tales. But one group of people stayed loyal. And one girl became entrusted with a spirit. Until she is lost.
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Guilt by kvm reviews
When Claire befriends the brother of the boy whose death she caused twelve years ago, she stirs up old emotions and triggers a new dilemma. By the end of the visit to her home town, a search for closure may turn into a fight for survival. COMPLETE
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One Heart, Two Lives by Kayla Scanlon reviews
A wealthy heiress runs to London before her aunt can force her to marry her cousin. Along the way she meets a stranger and finds out the real reason her father died.
Fiction: Historical - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 4 - Words: 12,426 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 8/3/2010 - Published: 7/25/2010
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The Boy She Had Loved reviews
Typical love story right? Girl meets boy, boy meets girl with some drama in between, but this one is different.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,041 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 8/6/2012
Her Story reviews
It all started with an accident that had changed seventeen- year-old Cassandra Collins life, where she begins to have strange visions, strange powers, and a boy who know exactly who she is but he will not tell her and probably will not tell her.
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