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Walkabout is a novel set in a near future. It explores a world where leaders have been allowed to create a climate of fear such that no-one can be trusted and everybody has to be under surveillance. It exposes the workings of mind control in its political, commercial, and religious forms. The fast-paced action in Walkabout takes place in the disaster scenarios familiar from the Book of Revelation and follows the lives of its characters as they take back their freedom and triumph over the system and its persecutions. The story begins with a trip around the world just as the Mark of the Beast is being introduced.

Walkabout can be downloaded for the Kindle at Amazon.

Trigger Points is a combination of real and invented experiences. It, too, is about a trip, this time halfway around the world. Dr. and Mrs. Hugo Ris run into trouble after making and publicizing a groundbreaking medical discovery. It could happen to any one of us!

Trigger Points is in the Creative Commons: quote and republish it as you wish, but don't change it and remember to say who wrote it.

Gregory Greene holds an M.Sc. in electrical and electronic engineering. He has worked in telecommunications, contingency planning, education, and sustainable agriculture.

Gregory Greene is a pen name.