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I live in fear of being average- Taylor Swift

My name's Cari. Currently, I'm trying to live in the moment. Key word: trying. Life kinda won't stop trying to run me over. Whatever... :) Words that people use to describe me: sarcastic, evil, mean, smart alecky, smart, quiet, easily annoyed, optimistically pessimistic, hard to make sense of, dramatic, and a bunch of other contradictions. I will admit to being pretty much all of them. You chose. :)

Hmm... well, I spend a lot of time self- inserting myself into stories that I love. yeah I know... obsessed much??

I live in my own little world, and sometimes have a lot of different personalities. I'm also known for talking to the inanimate objects that piss me off... Just something that I do. I have a lot of free time..

I love drawing, painting (only objects... don't have quite enough space or money to buy a canvas), dancer, singer (only if i'm at home), practically anything... really depends on my mood... big reader. Love romance (seriously, even if it's the same idea done again and again the same time, I'll probably like it... keyword: probably), adventure... and just about anything.

My addictions come and go. Sometimes, it's sketching, next it's reading something.

Favorite Author: ehh... it comes and goes with what i'm reading. i can't give you a definite answer on that. It's like an infinite tie between: J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, Terry Goodkind, Cassandra Clare, and a whole bunch of other people.

I love love love music. it's alway's been there, whether people are there or not. Loved: Paramore, Panic! at the Disco, Muse, Greenday, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Avril Lavigne, Boys Like Girls, Backstreet Boys (I grew up listening to them... older sisters will do that to you), Corey Crowder, Shinedown, Evanescence, Owl City, All- American Rejects, Linkin Park, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Secondhand Serenade, We the Kings, America (yes, it's old. I know. But this is what I listen to on road trips)... and so so so much more. (and yes, I like listing words in groups of three. get used to it.)

Music keeps me sane... well, i don't know about that, because I'm pretty sure I'm a little mad at least half the time. But music keeps me from doing the really stupid things.

My long list of favorite books include:

Maximum Ride

Harry Potter Series (and all of you folks who don't like this... shame. shame)

Mortal Instruments Trilogy

Inheritance Trilogy (which, i suppose, isn't really a trilogy with a fourth book...)

The Uglies/ Pretties/ Specials Series

Sword of Truth Series

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

House of Night Series

The Host (i've read twilight, and while i don't love that too much anymore, loved this)

Artemis Fowl Series

Blue Blood Series

The Looking Glass War Series


The Hunger Games Series

Pretty Little Liars Series (reading about other people's dramatic lives, fictional or not, is always fun)

Greek Mythology

Grimms' Fairy Tales (okay, these guys wrote like 200 of these thing... 200!)

and many many many more...

Movies? well... big big big disney fan except for stuff like High School Musical and Camp Rock, because those are just stupid... and anything good really. I don't have a preference:

Tangled (sigh... just so cute)

Alice in Wonderland, 2010

Harry Potter (but compared to the books these suck. except for maybe Deathly Hallows, because that was the CLOSEST rendition of the books I've seen)

Disney Princess movies practically all of them, except for Snow White. For some reason I can't explain (haha.. just realized something. If you noticed it, let me know) I really don't like her. Her voice is too high and she kinda freaks me out a bit)

Tron, 2010 (okay, it probably doesn't hold a candle to the original one, but I loved the effects and everything. Plus, the first one confused me a bit...)

Psych (yes, I know that that's a TV show. But I'm not gonna have a category for those, seeing as this is really the only show I watch)

Pretty Little Liars (see above for reason)

How I Met Your Mother (freaking genius)

I also love Broadway... including:

Addams Family (Krysta Rodriguez's voice is amazing...)

Promises, Promises

Wicked (seriously, who doesn't love that?)

Mary Poppins

Seussical the Musical

Phantom of the Opera

Les Miserables

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat

Anything Goes

State Fair

and more...

I'm known as a walking library. Seriously. my friends can just ask for a book, and i'll lend it to them. (but they have 2 weeks until i start making sure it hasn't gotten lost and died yet). I can be a bit crazy at times, but that's just who i am. If you can't handle it, that sucks for you.

Look me up under Nightrose131 on I don't have anything up there, but if you wanted to see some favorites or something, go ahead. The profile's pretty much the same, seeing as I copied and pasted it. But for favorites or whatever, be my guest. It's just, while I'm ADDICTED to reading fanfics, i just don't write them. I'm not known for keeping in character sometimes... So, I like to float around there reviewing things I love (and sometimes adding criticism and advise, which I'm not to great at giving... can I interest you in a sarcastic comment??) , and hoping someone will chance upon reading my stuff up on inkpop(dot)com which, if they wanted to, all they'd have to do is look up Nightrose131 on it (smooth... smooth)

If you were to do that, and review on my stuff there... I'd seriously adore you forever (yes, I'm that person who freaks out at seeing i got one comment). but, that's an off chance that someone who'd look here, seeing as i have nothing up... maybe i'll write something, so people see this. or just PM people... now i'm just rambling... I'm gonna stop now.

(I firmly believe in attempting to write down all my ramblings, because one of these days, one of them's gonna be great...)

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