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There isn't much to say about me beyond that I'm by default, almost irritatingly chipper, have ADD, lack fine motor skills and have an almost eidetic memory for phraseology.
Boring personal details aside; writing is the only thing I really do well.
Or at least I think I do it well.

I let my work lead me along, meaning it tends to cover almost every genre. Although I stubbornly refuse to do work which is pointlessly depressing.

My longest and most complete extended work is 'Maddy' (If anyone can think of a better title, please tell me.)
Correction. Irae and the recipe for disaster and Professor Irae are now my greatest efforts when considered as a whole.

Favorite word: "Atarakala!" (No idea why.)
Favorite character I've created: "AnnI/ A.n.n.I" (Appears in a lot of my work).

One last thing. I don't see formatting on text. I just see text. All at once. Or in the case of stories that are really good or I've dreamed up; I don't actually consciously read anything. I just see the images they represent, the ideas rather than the words.
So as you can guess, I suck at editing stuff. More than that, on this site I can't tell if things are easy for other people to read or hard for other people to read. It all looks the same to me.
That said, I beg forgiveness for my future failures of formatting and grammatical accuracy.

I'd hand out half my kingdom to be able to edit my own stuff as fast as I can type it; and for frame of reference, the entire first copy of Maddy was done part time in approximately four week's in between periods at high-school.
Whining aside, I still aim to create and publish professionally. I merely need to get better at staying on task.
To this end I'm going to (try) to write and update proportional to the number of reviews I get.

I will return the favor for feedback. If I can, Immediately.

Pertaining to 'Updates on request.' In the average day I have approximately three and a half hours i can always shave out to write in. From 4:50 AM- 5:50 AM 7:20-8:20 AM and 7:30 to 9:30 PM.
After getting a request, reading it and cussing for a bit, it will take me approximately five minutes to get my mind right, thereafter I will write between 900-1300 words per-hour. Thus a requested chapter, If I'm in good form will inevitably be produced within 2/3 days. If I get into the swing of things, a day at the outside.
The rub is that it will not be edited for punctuation capital letters in the middle of sentences and the like (Although I sometimes used them to Show Emphasis), editing each 1000 words will take me between 1-6 hours. Formatting, multiply time by one and a half. Thus unless you wish to pitch in, which I'd heartily accept, it will take me between 3 days to a week to get an average 6-10K words chapter done.

Of course it's more than a little pretentious for me to write that before I've gotten much traffic, but better now before I'm busied inexorably by examinations.

For poetry, which I don't do often, just keep me awake more than 20 hours. Instant results.

One more thing kiddies: I've got 24 or so stories on the boiler in my head, even before i finish my current ones I'll start another six going so I can work on them when I have a spare second.
However I don't know what people want, or in other words of the many things that I can bring forth for the enjoyment of others, what to do first.

Tell me sometime, not enough people to start a poll but here this will do, some of the better ones:

A. Manga, Dial-a-Wish; Find a cell-phone, grab a SIM card without looking to see what it is and end up with a plan that you can't afford to buy credit for. But with an interesting side effect; Someone new calls you and you get yourself a wish. Hy-jinx and wacky situations are sure to follow.

B: Action: The First Fleet. Malta finds itself the proud owner of approximately thirty tons of room temperature superconductors. Rather than get turned to molten slag when they handed them over to any-one nation, they get help and hood-wink the world. The ships they steal lacked only the resources which they alone possess... And because they are the cutting edge of the envelope in terms of technology, they can now do as they please. Including helping out other small nations when needed.

C: Psyche. Psychology is an extreme sport when you have to work from the inside. And that's exactly what Angel Angelovska does; however her career is about to be cut short when she finds a vegetable's condition was artificially induced for a reason he cannot remember and she has to find out.

D: Sci-Fi: AWOL; Most people think that being in space makes it more than a little difficult to desert.
Well. It is.
I did it anyway. I think fate has a sense of humor… and more than that I won’t say for fear of offending him.
My leaving ship involved a deck of cards with crypto-chromatic paint on the back.
Plausible so far? Well here comes the bit that will trigger your gag reflex; after watching the only source of oxygen within a few hundred million billion miles from me whizz away into the distance, I got picked up. Yeah. I get kicked out of the airlock on an expedition looking for alien life and I get scooped up by an alien ship less than half an hour later.
What do these dudes do? They smuggle cargo and when that doesn’t cover the bills, they do whatever they can to keep protein on the table.

There are more, however as this place receives precious few visits, there is no reason to put them up.

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