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Name: Cached Copy

Age: somewhere between 10 and 100.

Sex: Female

Occupation: Freelance fiction analyst, plot researcher, wordsmith, electronics engineer.

Specialty: boke-ing (as in, boke-tsukkomi comedy pair)

Weapon: anything throwable (books, pillows, shoes)

About my stories:

1. Three Siblings Project: I started writing it in 2011, and went on hiatus in 2013. It's been abandoned in my hard drive until lately. I have written 45k words on this and had outlined the whole story, but I don't remember what happened, suddenly I stopped writing it and when I was going to continue where I left off, there was this super important detail that I'd forgotten!!! It was really stupid and just like that, I lost the will to continue writing it... But I'm not going to stay that way. I'm going to edit this story and post them here... =D. Cover image is made by a friend, here's her page: rougeetnoir(dot)deviantart(dot)com

2. Dunia yang Kita Tahu: the first draft is complete! XD At first I came up with three names, Mitos (Myth), Fakta (Fact), and Legenda (Legend) and thought... whoa, if there were triplets named like that, that'd be cool. This story happens in the same universe as Mystique (just a temporary title, will rethink a better one later--the story about Digdaya (it means "mighty", and his nickname, Daya, means "might" or "power"), a quiet boy whose voice is very attractive to supernatural beings, and thus, if he speaks even a bit over a whisper, creatures ranging from harmless spirit to gigantic monster will be summoned). Personally, I love the names I make for the story. I consult some Sanskrit dictionary online and offline and Sanskrit baby names pages to come up with some of them, like Mitos Divya, Legenda Atyadhika, Adikala, Reksaraga, Atmaspara, Maha Pawitra. I don't know shit about Sanskrit, so sorry if I made them wrong or weird... I have no plans on correcting them though, because they already sound nice to me :p Besides, who cares about proper grammar in names, it's licentia namatica /slapped.

3. Soul Tether: I started writing it in 2013. It is my second story that features transdimensional travel. At first it was about Will, a prince who fled his home because there was a coup. Later I made The Ninth that centers around Ace, the youngest High Mage that summons Seven, a girl from the other world, to help him overthrowing an overlord. Ace's country is Archard, and that is the setting for Onime Monogatari, a story I started on 2008. And then it clicked... why don't I combine the stories in one setting? And thus born this version of Soul Tether: Will is the first prince of Archard, but his magical ability makes him not favored by the royalty. Thinking that he is born to a greater fate, he asks Ace to send him to another world. Ace then sends him and the cursed heir to a dukedom, Gil, to This Side, where Will meets Alan, his Tether. In The Ninth, it will be Ace and Sevie's story. And in Onime Monogatari, Will's little sister, Thalitha, will take part.

4. Ninth - The High Mage Ascending: a prequel to the story The Ninth. Featuring Ace, Zwei, and Sevie's adventure when they're in Academy. A short story about Ace's youthful worries and how Zwei becomes his assistant. It's completed because it's... just a side story ~_~ even the main story hasn't been written lol...

5. Slash of Life: not slice of life, okay. And so, the story doesn't fall under slice of life genre :p It's the first story in my short life as a writer by which I try to convey some sort of message. The main characters are Ken Ratu the former delinquent, Dionysus the boy with a kind of apathetic view on life, and Nadia the "princess". I want to try to tell people about the importance of having a goal in life and the necessity of facing your problems head on. I don't know if I've succeeded or not lel... but let's not focus on only that hahaha...

6. She Who Targets: it's a random thing I wrote a while back. I think I was thinking of making it into a novel-long story, but somehow forgot what to write? The names are code names, using Greek letters.

7. Pillars of Heaven: in the beginning, there were five characters with strange names (strange in my country, in my mother's tongue lolol). They were born to a chaotic world, where a madman was out to kill them in order to bring his own justice. Somehow the story got changed into one where the five of them are guardians to very important entities.

8. The Wielder: a story from my college days... now that I try hard to remember, I think I got the inspiration from Inuyasha's tessaiga, how the weapon was at first his father's, and then becomes stronger once it's merged with a part of him. Anyway, the story I come up with turn out to be quite different than Inuyasha lol (for that I'm very grateful). It is about Devonka Iverengard, who was taken by slave traders when he was young, became a technician of a weapons factory (still a slave), until one day a girl with the giant scythe (Chloe Ravenforth) breaks into the factory, freeing the slaves inside, destroying the place, and becomes Dev's raison d'etre (or something). It sound pretty romantic, but I don't think it's THAT romantic. I would like to squeeze in some romance between Dev and Chloe, though...

Angels Community universe: story I whipped up when I first watched DRRR!!! and Baccano! and fell lin love with them. In Angels Community, everyone is the hero/ine!

9. Saturday Rites: a story in Angels Community universe where Rei is the main character.

10. Sangkakala: a story in Angels Community, Keane is the main character.

11. Eonian Phantasm: weird title, I know. But I think Alan (the MC for this story) is capable of such random phrases :v

I hope by sharing them, I will get feedback and some propelling force. Please, tell me if I have made a good or poor job. As long as they aren't baseless flames, your reviews are greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and have fun reading.

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Cadence's Arcana
Aku seperti disengat di hadapan kemarahan, dan menggigil dalam kesedihan. Rasa bersalah membuatku mual, dan rasa penasaran membuatku gatal. Semua itu begitu natural, seolah semua perasaan itu milikku. Mungkin yang lebih buruk dari tidak empatif adalah tidak bisa merasakan perasaanmu sendiri. Di saat terburukku, aku tak yakin apakah jiwaku masih hidup. Tidak setelah hari itu.
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Crimson Treason
A terrible betrayal struck the Northern Ashen Land Empire at the day of the good-for-nothing Prince Devonka's coronation. Now, a bounty is placed on his head as he was declared traitor by the usurpers. Running away is the only option. Getting back to the throne is his top priority... but somehow with the wielder of Skybreaker as his aide, his journey becomes much more complicated.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,496 - Published: 10/16/2017
The Wielder
If world is but merely a game; the hero shines in glorious exposition; the heroine sparkles in dazzling fame; and the curtain drops at conclusion; But what if it doesn't stop there?; Will the two companions persevere?
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Supernatural - Chapters: 4 - Words: 15,567 - Updated: 8/25/2017 - Published: 8/23/2017
Saturday Rites
Bagi Rei, hari paling malesin adalah hari Sabtu. Tidak ada kewajiban datang ke sekolah. Tidak perlu mengerjakan PR (kalau bisa dikebut Minggunya). Sabtu adalah hari yang sempurna untuk bermalas-malasan. Lalu, apakah gerangan yang membuat Rei ingin time-skip hari Sabtu? Tentu saja: karena makhluk bernama Erwind yang merasa raison d'etre-nya adalah mengganggu hari Sabtu orang lain.
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Pillars of Heaven reviews
There were five Pillars, built upon five sealed demons. The demons enticed the guardians of the Pillars by granting them Otherworldly gifts. Those gifts were the door that unleashed evil into the World. By the time the Earth can no longer hold the heralds of inescapable ruin, that is when the World will end.
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Eonian Phantasm reviews
Bagi mereka yang hidupnya lurus-lurus saja, tanpa beban, tanpa kekhawatiran, memang kata-kataku ini akan terasa melebih-lebihkan. Tapi, aku tak akan repot-repot menyusahkan diri hanya karena pendapat subjektif kalian. Ini kisahku. Dan akan kuceritakan sebagaimana kebenaran ini terjadi.
Fiction: Mystery - Rated: T - Indonesian - Mystery/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 501 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 12/26/2016
Aku seorang seniman pengembara. Berbagai tempat telah kulalui, berbagai kisah telah kubagi. Kisah yang akan kuceritakan ini lain daripada segala dongeng yang pernah kutembangkan. Apakah kisah ini menceritakan tentang Sang Langit yang memberikan kedamaian, sebelum akhirnya membinasakan? Simaklah kisahku ini dan temukan jawabannya.
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She Who Targets
A random drabble about a group of voluntary mercenaries.
Fiction: Action - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Crime - Chapters: 1 - Words: 775 - Published: 9/4/2016 - Complete
Slash of Life
Ken si preman insyaf, Dio si skeptis, dan Nadia "princess" terpaksa bergabung dalam satu kelompok karena program keakraban dari wali kelas mereka. Situasi tiba-tiba jadi runyam saat Ken diserang geng sepulang sekolah, kakak Dio pulang ke tanah air walau bukan musim liburan, dan nenek Nadia terjebak dalam insiden percobaan pembunuhan. Kebetulan? Sepertinya tidak.
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - Indonesian - Friendship - Chapters: 11 - Words: 39,926 - Published: 8/30/2016
Dunia yang Kita Tahu reviews
"Rahasiakan kekuatan kalian," pesan ayah Mitos, Fakta, dan Legenda, tiga anak kembar dengan kekuatan supranatural, sebelum beliau menghilang. Segalanya baik-baik saja sampai tiba-tiba lingkungan tempat tinggal mereka diserang sekelompok pengendali api. Si kembar tiga tidak ingin terlibat, tetapi saat salah satu orang terdekat mereka jadi korban, tentu mereka tak bisa tinggal diam.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - Indonesian - Fantasy/Suspense - Chapters: 12 - Words: 34,640 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 8/22/2016 - Published: 5/13/2016 - Complete
Ninth - The High Mage Ascending
Prequel kisah Ace si Penyihir Tinggi. Latar waktu: menjelang kelulusan dari Akademi. Ace, Zwei, dan Sevie tergabung dalam satu tim untuk menyelesaikan sebuah tugas dengan rekomendasi departemen magang sebagai hadiahnya. Mereka harus mendatangi Bukit Jarum dan memetik tanaman langka yang dijaga oleh binatang sihir buas.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - Indonesian - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 3 - Words: 13,651 - Published: 8/2/2016 - Complete
Three Siblings Project
Kio is the heir to what in the past would be the throne. Now he is only a seventeen year-old setting out of his home in the trial to adulthood. For some reason, his true identity as the only son of Zerohael has to be kept secret. Follow his (mis?)adventure as he learns from housekeeping to martial arts, from school to life lessons, from trying to act normal to how to court a girl!
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Soul Tether reviews
Will and Alan had soul Tether, a link between two persons that became stronger as the linked souls were close to each other. The downside was that awakened Tether link did not only make them share magical abilities and skills, but also pain, even life!
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