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Hi, my name is Nathalie, I'm an aspiring writer and want to go into writing screenplays and fiction texts. I'm having a tough time in my life at the moment which I hope to express in an autobiography for the site. I have a few role-play accounts on Facebook, Bebo, Fanfiction and other independent sites. I like to roleplay Torchwood, Twilight and House Of Night. I have an account on Fanfiction with the same name and I hope that you could read some stories on there too if you enjoyed my writing on this account. So here's a bit about me that I hope you will enjoy reading because it took me a long time to write.

I'm a rock baby and love Muse, MCR, All Time Low, Funeral For A Friend, Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, Panic! At The Disco and basically all the music everyone hates. Apart from these I'm addicted to 80s music, so much that sometimes that actually suprises people, and my favourite band from then is Madness and I probably know every song off by heart even the songs from the new album. Actually I'm pretty open minded about music so if you have any suggestions PM me please!

Its hard to list all the books that I like because I probably own half of Waterstones and WH Smith already. I started off reading The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot when I was younger and if you've ever read the 6th book you'd understand why this wouldn't be a good book to read when I was younger. I used to like the twilight series but it just kind of got a little too, overestimated for me and I decided that overall it wasn't worth it although I do owe Stephanie Meyer for getting me hooked on the Host and paticularly the vampire genre and sci fi genre of so many books I've read since then. So here's my favourite books that I have read so far; Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine, Vampire Diaries by Richelle Mead, Shiver by Maggie Streifwater, (Call me childish) anything by Jaqueline Wilson and Cathy Cassidy, House Of Night Series by P.C Cast and Kristen Cast, Evermore by Alyson Noel, The Host by Stephanie Meyer and The Last Black Cat (This is a book I read when I was younger, if anyone knows the author you need to PM me because I really want to find it!) I still have these books left to read but I do own them; Wicked by Nancy Holder, Generation Dead by whats-his-face, Graceling by ~~~~~~~~~?, Dark Visions by L.J Smith and Dracula by Umm whats his name BRAM STOKER!

Okay TV! I LOVE TORCHWOOD AND DOCTOR WHO!! Call me a nerd and I will not care, I love these two shows! All time favourite, probably! Anyway apart from that tiny obbsession, I also like; Randall and Hopkirk (2000 version), Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Survivors, Vampire Diaries (I read the book but actually prefer the tv series!), Ashes to Ashes, Life On Mars, Project Runway, Eastenders, Hollyoaks (Sometimes) and Charmed. Face it I love anything out of the ordinary and of course COMEDY!

Well, Apparently I'm a genuinely nice person so if you wanna PM me feel free because I like talking to people on here!

Random Stuff That You Should Know:

- Using my favourite font on word is the best part of my day

- Times New Roman (The Font) annoys the hell out of me

- The scariest thing I have ever watched is the Torchwood episode Countrycide, I seriously can't even watch Scary Movie

- I only like pairings that people find wrong i.e gay relationships, teacher/student, different species(?)

- I LOVE Skittles! Best Type Of Sweets ever! Ode to skittles!!

- My eyes show everything apparently and I think they're my best feature (Okay this one you didn't NEED to know but... I was running outta ideas)

- I'm in love with John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Gareth- David Llyod (Ianto), Alex Gaskrath (ATL), Michael Buble , David Tennant (The tenth doctor), Jake Abel (Luke in Parcy Jackson and the lightning theif), Matthew Bellamy, Russell Howard and The VD boys (Paul Wesley and Ian Somerholder)

- I don't spell random words as good but it won't show in my writing- after all thats what spell check is for right?


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My first poem; something I wrote to express : Please tell me what you think, I don't think its any good but R&R : thank you.
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