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Tanny: Heya people of Fictionpress :) how are you doing?

Emmy: Absolutely spiffing, I hope? (Pst, guys, this is the part where you chorus loudly 'we sure are Emmy!')


Emmy: Darn, that was a fail.

Well; here we are ApplesandStars, also known as tanny apple and imafeckingstarr. One Summer's day, we decided to write a joint story and decided that we needed a joint account on this dear site; thus leading to this creation: ApplesandStars.

Tanny: If you can't tell were both, random, weird, insane and in love with Sirius Black.

Emmy: Why Sirius Black of all fictional characters, you ask? Why not Edward Cullen or Harry Potter? Well, dearest readers, Edward Cullen is a sparkly fairy who is in some serious self denial (Emmy, only you think that! - Tanny); and Harry has Ginny. All Potter men have a thing for redheads, right? Well being as neither of us are redheads, Sirius seemed like a better option :)

If you like, check out are individual accounts/stories too at:

tanny apple



Emmy: Well; as fun as this is, I think you people, young and old kind of need to know a little bit more about us. That's why we have this profile, right? Huh. Where to start?
Ah, right; we both have a fanfiction account, which are under simliar names (check our personal profile for more details); I'd rather be Voldemorts bitch than Edward Cullen's fangirl, I play guitar, write; stalk famous youtubers like Alex Day; Tom Milsom; Charlie McDonnell; Darren Criss; Joey Richter; Joe Moses; Joe Walker; Kristina Horner; Luke Conard and Jason Munday. What can I say? I love them all. I also have a tumblr; which is a some-what Harry Potter based blog.

If you want my tumblr link message me or check out my fanfiction profile...because I'm siriusly (haha! look at what I did) lazy.

Tanny: I really don't know what to put here; maybe I'll update it later?

Peace out FictionPress viewers/readers/inhabitants! :)

Apples and Stars Dictionary of Random Aphorisms reviews
A dictionary created by us, with a range of random and made up words which everyone should know :D
Fiction: Humor - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 1,141 - Reviews: 9 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 1/1/2011 - Published: 8/31/2010