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Hi :)

I'm Nightgal339.

That's my official nickname ;D

Though, for now I'm just xNight. :)

[old] Soo, myeah... About the story, One's Troubled Mind. I had to put up the note that I'm not updating or anything, because I've just been thinking up many other stories. Of course, I could abide an idea I had to overcome writer's block and write it based on my real life emotions - if I really was in the mood to write when I'm angry, exhausted, busy, etc., but that would take too much out of me - I would need to focus a big part of my time and attention, 24/7, on the story.

[old] Very very sadly, even the meant-to-be epicness of OSLG never made it out of my own mind. :( It started there and ended there. Hopefully, some time in my life, I'll overcome this very very troubling obstacle that's preventing me from finishing or even continuing stories. So far that's 2 deleted ones. [I kept them on my computer, don't worry]

[old] October 16, 2011; Update: I'm considering writing little short stories, one-shots, since I can't seem to stick to one story for too long. Also, despite all that, I'm struggling with a real story - right now I'm just posting it on my tumblr, but when I'll feel that I'm not going to abandon it, I'll post it on FP. :) Stay put... :D

Hmm, about myself... A little creepy fella who's usually nice to people, but those who don't know me usually just take me as weird. :D Naw, I keed. xD Idk what people really take me as. :o But I definitely don't fit under the title "average"... ;D
I'm not a perfect person, but I'm learning to live better as I live on!! :D

November 2012:

So, as you might have noticed, I keep old information on my profile page... Nostalgia or laziness, I'm not even sure. ;

I'm mostly inactive on FictionPress these days, but I strongly believe that I will come back to writing one day, so I'm not going to leave my page blank or anything like that. (I doubt I would do it either way.) It's just that there are a few other things that I love doing, and my free time is currently being put into those things more than writing. I'll definitely get back to it eventually, though. Let's just say I'm taking a break. c:

So, about the story of Kori(My, I only now thought of how cheesy the rhyming name sounds.) Yes, I will rewrite it, or, at least, I'm planning to, but no promises. I'm a very spontaneous person when it comes to doing things, planning only makes it worse. But yeah, in time. I still see some hope in that idea.

Also, somehow, during the summer, I started to rewrite One's Troubled Mind. The idea of the story is exactly what I'd like to write, fantasy romance unexpected turns in the story, but that's ... It's kind of like a silhouette of a masterpiece that only exists in my mind. Maybe I should wait until my 20s to get into writing? ...nah. I wouldn't want to wait that long. But hopefully I'll have a more shaped personality then.


If you ever feel like your vocabulary just isn't as good as it used to be and start panicking about how you used to know so many words but are suddenly feeling like you have a limited ability to express yourself, this game is a great way to bring some fancy words that you once learned back to mind: http:///games/gabob/clockwords-prelude
Or, if you originally just never knew that many words, read. Books, stories, poems, newspapers, bulletins, the commercials in the window of a convenience store, somebody's DeviantArt journals or whatever else. Or, if you like jumping head-in and making fast progress like me, read a dictionary. I've only done this a few times, but, trust me, it REALLY helps.
(That was mostly for foreigners, but I figured that maybe some native English speakers who don't have a vocabulary that big due to the conditions they grew up with or for whatever different reason might find this useful, too.)

If you're having a writer's block, which is oh-so-common among us artists, go browse any art & photography site: it can be DeviantArt or good ol' Google images, or it can be a fancy high-class professional-work-hosting site such as . Pictures often make you imagine things, and that could work to get you back on track -

Thanks for checking out my profile :)

Have a nice day!

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