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hello and welcome to the world of jigglykat!

as you may have read before, i am a 19 year old sophomore in art school deep down in the heart of the south. originally, i am a socal girl, but i decided to go for a bit of a change. and a change i did receive. i am currently attending my school right now to persue my dream of animation. it was primarily 3D but now i am interested in traditional style.

i was fairly proud of myself this summer as i got two of my anime hating friends to sit down and watch all of escaflowne. and they absolutely loved it. so there is proof to you that anime can connect people that have different tastes than you. when i get home for winter break, we will start a rigurous regime of cowboy bebop.

my other interests besides the two i have listed above include the following: friends (show and in real life), lotr, harry potter, x-files, nightmare before christmas, mostly any type of animation but right now, i'm totally into flash (go watch shawks at www.shawks.net), invader zim, jthm... the list continues.

as of right now, i have no plans to continue writing. which is good, because i have entered my major classes and will soon HAVE no time to write. besides, parvulus de crepuscid is the third part of the trilogy (#1 the vision of escaflowne (the series that i do not own so its not really mine but i like making it sound like a trilogy so there!), #2 rota fortunae (the second part that doesn't take on the characteristics of a middle movie), and #3 parvulus de crepuscid).

if you see a frog on a long stairway to heaven... take his advice. =^^=