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Thought of the day: I'm so very sorry about my lack of update. I'm working on it as we speak. But that doesn't mean much. If I can't come up with something good, I'll commit Seppeku as retribution.

Thought of the week : My friend died this week and I went to his funeral today. I didn't think I'd fall apart the way I did. I'll really miss him.

Thought of the month: So I officially hate Damian and Angel. They both suck and I'm going to kill them off in the next chapter. Death! Bastards.

"I'll get her a library. Bitches love libraries!"

"Yes...yes we do..."

I'm going to write my expected update times here since I don't want to keep writing it on the bottom of the chapters. So please check back here for new update schedules.

The Virgin Lady: Chapter 7 is estimated for...I'm gonna stop lying. I have no idea when it's gonna be posted. Damian and Angel will not speak to me about the next chapter. I don't know what I did to piss them off but they're remaining silent. So as soon as they start talking to me again, I swear I'll post. I hope it's soon. I'm just as frustrated as you guys.

A brother's promise: Chapter 2 is estimated for TBA.

More excuses as to why I'm late with my writing:

Work. Grocery shopping. Errands. Dr appts. Chauffer. Writer block. Sleep. Work. Lack of sleep. Writers block. Work.

Please remember these are tentative and subject to change based on my busy schedule. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Either through PM or comment.

Hey guys, I often write stories after I have dreams about them. Most of the time my dreams are crazy, but if you can decifer the nonsense, which I do, underneath is a good story just waiting to be told. Since I'm out of College, thank god, I'm hoping to write much more frequently than I'm used to. I want to keep going with my stories and continue to improve myself. I know I'm not to great with detail, but I'm working on it.

I Just want to thank everyone who has read, reviewed or followed my story. Your continued encouragement means a lot to me. Thank you guys so much.

Warning! Never write the love story of a Scot. Not even if they beg! Their accent is very difficult to retain.

"Aye, but ye love me." Damian smiles at me and winks.

"Doona count on it my lord." I say sarcastically and run away.

I can't wait to bring Caelan into this story more. He's such a playful devil.

I have absolutely NO control over these characters. I'm writing and I think one thing is going to happen when BAM. All of a sudden something completely diiferent is going on. Sigh. Hey guys, could you let me in on the secrets too? I am the one writing your story after all.

"Are ye daft woman? I ken ye spelled me name wrong in chapter 1. Get it together! I willna have me story become a joke." - Damian

"I'm sorry! I'm a bad person! Forgive me!" - Me

Random facts (Really random. They came out of nowhere)

Damian- Hates Leaks, and will not go near the kitchen when they're being cooked.

Angel - Married Steven when she was 16.

Caelan - Has a 4 inch scar on his back. (For a reason that you'll find out later)

Claire- Is afraid of horses, she's afraid to ride them, and even pet them.

Maggie- Taught Damian how to shoot a bow and arrow.

Sylvia-( Had no idea Maggie had a daughter, love her to pieces) Cannot swim and is a daddy's girl.

I HATE writing and I'll tell you why. The voices in my head kept screaming at me until I woke up to finish what I was writing yesterday. I'm still tired! Can't this wait until later?...Apparently not.

You know. My chapters do not look like that when I write them on Word. They have real indents and everything. Why do they rearrange themselves like that? Sigh.

The way that my mind works fascinates me. I can write something and then go back later and go, "That's the wrong there..." At the time, for whatever reason I think it's right, but when I go back I know it's wrong. I do know these things, my mind just forgets temporarily. I think it shut's itself off to conserve energy and then when it comes back on it sees all the mistakes I've made.

Just some General Info about me in case anyone is curious.

I'm 23 years old.

I'm a Taurus.

I was born in the year of the snake.

I have 2 dogs and 1 cat.

I'm the middle child with an older brother and younger sister.

I love Anime and Manga.

And I absolutely love writing, except when I'm hating it.

I am addicted to Tumblr. My life is on there. http:///

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