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Hi everyone,

I'm an adult working in a menial job, but I enjoy writing in my spare time.

My passion is the Classical World. This means eveything about it including the languages. Therefore, as you can probably guess, most of my work on here will be in the History section of the site and will be about the Classical World.

I don't find myself drawn to typical pairings that often so if I post romance it's likely to be a bizarre duo (or trio or...)! I also prefer Slash (male on male) to Hetrosexual or Femslash (female on female) as far as pairings go - both for reading and writing.

I don't expect many fans because my subject matter isn't exactly mainstream.

Still, I hope anyone who does find the time to have a browse through my work enjoys it – and I'm always, always open for constructive criticism.

Current fics:

Encounters: CatilinaxCicero - Definitely my favourite of all the stories I've posted on here. Short and succinct, it follows Cicero through part of his service in the Social War and details his first meetings with Catilina. First person account with a healthy dose of romance/smut without being graphic enough to elevate the rating higher than T. (complete)

I Do Care For You- I'm not sure what to say about this. It was written in a spurt of inspiration after reading one of Colleen McCullough's Masters Of Rome series; she leaves the relationship between Theodotus and the young Ptolemy tantalisingly mentioned but not explored. So I explored. I'm surprised this has had as many hits as it has - truly surprised! Reading back I am sometimes creeped out! (complete)

The Story of Set and Horus: CatilinaxCicero- I studied these two Senators a long time ago and really liked the idea of them coming together romantically/sexually. I think their personalities clash in a way suited to spurts of wit, which amuses me, and I've tried to get this across in the fic. True to its rating there is a fair amount of graphic, sexual interaction and harsh language (most of it in Latin) but there are also sweet scenes and, with the introduction of Cicero's son (and rest of family), many much-more-tame parts to the fic. I've never been great at plots though and whilst the original idea was promising (Cicero accepting Catilina's offer of house-arrest) I don't think I've made as much of this politically as I could have. (ongoing)


Have fun! x

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The story of Set and Horus: Catilina x Cicero reviews
63 BC Consul Cicero will not stop denouncing his enemy Catilina. In an attempt to prove his innocence Catilina offers himself into voluntary house arrest – in Cicero's house. Historically Cicero says 'no', but what if he had said 'yes'...? Cicero/Catilina
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Written in first person from Marcus Tullius Cicero's point of view looking back on his various encounters with Lucius Sergius Catilina during their time serving together under Pompeius Strabo during the social war in 89 BC. Catilina/Cicero. T rated. Enjoy
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