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I am your above average college Student who loves writing and sucks at math. I'm pretty easy going and loves things to go smooth. My favorite color is midnight blue, I like reading, writing, drawing, exercising and my favorite food is Chinese. I don't like drama, yelling, stress and tension. I have a HUGE (I mean COLOSSAL) passion for anything anime and manga (Japanese too) related so I found the right site! So that's it for now. I am working on a story call Destiny Desire that's posted so feel free to read and review. I'll return the favor as soon as I can.

UPDATE: After four years and ten months, I have finally obtained my Bachelor's Degree! :D :D :D

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the long absence, as school consumed over 90% of my time. Had to get those grades in order. Secondly, I'm currently revising my story, Destiny Desire so that's it's shorter and sweeter. Because looking at the currently version now, even I wouldn't want to read long of a chapter. So I will be taking them down and upload new chapters. But the reconstruction will be worth it because it's going to be a crazy ride ;)

Here's what Destiny Desire is about:

A human boy is suddenly charged with restoring Unity to a shattered world called Gaia. While doing so he has to protect a mysterious princess with a blank past. He's accompanied with nine other guardians and together they they vanquish dark beings called Sins that plague the world. Many secrets, trials, tragedy and unexpected feelings erupt along the way, but what will become of the boy after he's thrust from the comfort of oblivion?

I'll update as recent as I can. I invite helpful and constructive criticism but PLEASE don't be a douche about it. There will be some graphic chapters so the rating will fluctuate between T and M. But I'm a college student so I won't have much time editing and updating, but I will try to respond as soon as I can. Right now I'm cleaning up my chapters and writing new ones so I will be updating soon.


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Shift by Eytha reviews
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The Boy on the Pillar
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