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I am Guardian Phantom. Well... actually I have many names...

I love video games, especially RPGs. Also, I like writing, and doodling. I have a deviantart account and tumblr which have the same name: Getsuei-san. One of these days I'll post some of my character art there. I have a few FM drawings up.

Also I want it to be known, I do not want to be a author, I only write for fun. Most of my stories I actually want to be video games or short movies of some sort... that's why they may seem a little peculiar :).

I have a turtle and a cat (excluding my sisters' turtles and cat.) And now i have a rabbit! My rabbit died and we let my turtle go :'(. I miss my rabbit and turtle dearly, and regret letting my turtle go. But, my mom got me a bunny, she isn't here to replace Fuzz (my previous rabbit) she is here to add another piece to my heart :) and to recently add to my hoarding (lol) I got a baby beta fish.

I am a gamer, wannabe artist, one day I'll be a game designer :D

Okay, so I have a tendency to mix a few words or more and I'll appreciate it if y'all will be kind enough to point that out.

I accept criticism so if there's anything wrong with my stories, help me improve by giving some kindly advice/critism

Posted Stories:

Guardia: Guardias are ancient living beings that can only live in the Dream World. To access the real world, they must find a suitable candidate to become their Masters/Mistresses. Long hiatus, need to think of the plot more thoroughly.

Fate's Still: Maloyvier threatens to destroy the order of balance now the Guardians must join together and find the Princess of Order, but to do that, they must first find the three Knights of Balance. Currently being written and is in progress for the next chaps.

Fallen Moon: well, originally it's been posted on dA which was the rough draft. My dA pages has some of the character art. I'm working on the others.

The Twelve Knights of Zodiac: well, the story is a fantasy for the most part, but it does tie into our world later on. The story switches POV between the 12 knights, primarily focuses on Iven and Archer. TTKOZ is the prequel to my OS, Fantasize. They're standalones for the most part.

Btw, I'm an incredible slow reader on the computer 'cause it strains my eyes a lot. If I'm reading your story and have not reviewed in a looonnnggg time, please, don't worry. I didn't stop reading. I'm just busy with school and life and stuff, but I tell ya, I'll go back. P.S, I try to review in whatever I read.

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