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"There's always hope..." -Aragorn, "The Two Towers"

Hello, everyone, and happy holidays! Due to my being in a car accident on Christmas Day-don't worry, my mom and I are both okay-I won't be writing anymore stories anytime soon until I can fully recover from the shock of the incident. This means that "Cherry Blossoms" and "Christmas for the Goggleheads" won't be up anytime soon, but they will. Until then!

I consider myself to be 100% Taiora and Rukato as well as Takumi-Takuya and Izumi (Zoe)! I also go for Daikari, Daiyako, LeeJuri, Takari, Koumi and Mimato. Pokemon wise-Ash & Misty! For Friends-Ross and Rachel! Star Wars-I thought it was obvious: Anakin and Padme! Only two couples get me steamed-Sorato and Ryuki! I respect other authors' decisions, but don't expect me to go Sorato-or Ryuki-over just one story. I used to be Tai Kamiya, but somehow, I lost my e-mail address and now I can't log on with my original e-mail! So, I decided to start fresh with newer, better stories! TAIORA/RUKATO/TAKUMI ITSUMADEMO!!!

"Attachment is forbidden...possession is forbidden...compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is central to a Jedi's life. So, you might say that we are encouraged to love..." -Anakin Skywalker, "Attack of the Clones"