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Well, I have long brown hair, brown/yellow eyes, pale skin, and freckles.

My favourite colors are Blue and Black. I love animals, ice cream, pianos, grave yards, forests, clothes, and books

Sadly, I do not believe in True Love, mainly because there is no one on earth that is right for me.

I love to write, but I am to afraid to let anyone read what I write, because I don't think anyone would like it or want to read it.

I have alot of friends, but none of them are truely friends. They are all pertending to be my friend so they don't hurt me, but they talk about me badly behind my back, I love my parents, but don't trust them enough to tell them how I feel about things.

I wish I was dead alot, other times I am happy that I'm not. I always wonder why I was born, and what I am meant to do in life, but I have no talent to share with the world. I want to do something important in life, but whenever I think I could do something and become someone, I realise that I can't be anything, because I am worth nothing more than an old peice of paper ripped out of a book and forgotten.

I wish someone cared enough about my feelings to actually want to know me. I wish someone would fall in Love with me for me. I wish I had a talent. I wish I could play the piano. I wish I was smart and beautiful. I wish I could make a difference. I wish...

Whats the piont in making Wishes if they won't come True?

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