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Name: Luna

Age:14-16 guess

Fave games:Sonic the Hedgehog, Harvest Moon, Ledgend of Zelda and Pokemon

Fave Manga:Moonlight Meow and He Is My Master

Fave Anime:Inuyasha, Black Butler, Soul Eater

Current Events: I'm baaaaaaaack~ And I've improved. I will start up on a story, that I have currently titled, Silver Rose. Once I have finished editing it, I will publish it as soon as possible. ^^

Dragons: Almost untameable and known to be only royal pets, these dragons come in many shapes, sizes and elements. Their scales are used for cutting, smoothing, and they can be grind into paints. Some (like the cloud dragon) are very timid, while others (like the dark dragon) are aggressive.

Fairies: These creatures have crystal-like wings and very timid. They help elves by healing their wounds. They help nature in many ways, and they use many resources to make their houses or nests. They normally have pale pink skin and the most common have golden hair.

Nymphs: They cannot speak, but they use different colored magic stones to show what they are trying to say. They are fantastic warriors, but seldom fight. They have white skin and black hair. Usually, the males fight and the females heal the wounded.

Silver Adders: They swore and oath to protect the elves and not harm the humans. Lately the have been breaking their oath, but no one can do anything about it, except the Wonders.

Wonders: Like the Headmasters, they swore the same oath. Unlike the Headmasters, they are different colored stones that are able to speak. The supply limitless magic.

Elves: They're almost as common as humans and they can use magic, but most have been interested in weapons more. They get along with some dragons, fairies love their silver hair and nymphs are curious about their magic.


Nekos: Each neko has nine lives, one way or the other. If the neko has magic, then their nine lives are more important because of the magic effect. If they don't, it's a little less important. The reason? Find out later.

Maiyans: They have stronger magic than elves, but they have to control their emotions and there are very few of them left. Not much are known about these creatures, except they look very similar to humans.

Magic: Depending in which world the person is in, magic comes from different places. In one world, the magic comes from both a tree and a thick glass orb. In another world, magic is protected by a dragon; no one knows what the magic is stored in.

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