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since all the others saw you
loved you
but missed their chance to write you
i’ll take their place and be the first
because you’re
sickly sweet and perfect
the kinda man
Shakespeare might’ve written to
(had Shakespeare been a woman)
but since he’s not around I’ll be your Shakespeare
and you
can be
will be
liberation on paper
‘cause I free myself when I see your face
and write you strings
of words and praise
but there aren’t enough words in the English language
any language
that sing of you
and turn your
perfect words
perfect rhythm
even perfect’s
too imperfect
of an adjective
to grace
your face
with and how can you be so complex
yet so simple all at once?

but I’ll find you anyway
soak you in
pull you in
slap you down on fine parchment
and scrawl madly
on ribbons that’ll take you everywhere you wanna be
(but you’ll already be there)
I’ll run you down
hunt you down
strip the covers away and down
layer by layer
peel by peel
skin by skin
till even perfect’s perfect
‘cause you know I’m gonna win.

I’ll find you somehow in this paper
in this pen
and scratch the letters
quick as lightning
on the page
flipping turning smearing
ink so fast it won’t have time to dry
and smudge itself in the pores of my skin
settling forever
in the creases and wrinkles of my knuckles

I’ll be the first to find you
in a way the others wouldn’t

look deeper than your skin. . .

and if those other girls thought you were AMAZING
and all they did
was catch a glimpse
then DAMN
they should’ve READ you
when I had you

in print.

ah, to be inspired when you lack an inspiration :)

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