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I'm Laurenz. I write a lot, and I'm dedicated to each story I compose and every character I create. Writing is my life, basically, and I constantly think of new ideas and somehow spew them onto paper with my trusty pen.

Below is a list of all my completed works (included and excluded on this site), a short summary, and their current status [I know it looks intimidating...but read on] :


The Wedding/The After Party [2008] : A little failed fanfic about a girl and some famous dude who get married and..some crazy shit starts happening the moment they step away from the altar. dropped.

Majestic/Love [2008-2009] : Another less-craptastic fanfic about a girl who resides in a utopia called Majestic, where she finds an unrealistic reality and surprising encounters with colorful characters. Love is the sequel to Majestic in the point of view of the girl's firstborn child, who completely despises her and is practically out for unjustified revenge. His name is Leivi Love...and he accepts that he can never fall in love. complete.

Schweigan [2009-] : This is the untold story of Majestic, or the "What-If? Persona" as my friend calls it. It's the "what-if?" story to Majestic. What if the girl never fell in love with such an such? What if she never noticed such and such? What if she never conceived the hateful child she spawned in the earlier stories? incomplete.

Leivi [2009-] : Leivi's back again, but only more wise and less destructive. Ten years after the events of Love, Leivi lives as an abstinent, redefined adult, the complete opposite of the raunchy teen he was before. Beginning with an abrupt family reunion, Leivi finds himself spiraling back down...and re-falling in love with his mother's husband. incomplete.

Worse Than Being in a Fairy Tale/I'm A Monster [2009-2011] : Teen Gavin Kitsch lives as a prostitute and musician, and suddenly falls in love with this dude who picks him up, a dude who happens to kill young boys like Gavin. Gavin's a slut, and everyone accepts this. I'm A Monster is the sequel, where some crazy cool teens try helping Gavin come out of this predicament, to no avail. I promise the rewrite will me SO MUCH better (because so far, it is) least, it focuses more on psychological and emotional representation than smutty sex. in process of rewriting.

Meeting the Incubus [2010-2012] : Kraven Schweitzer meets the incubus who will change his life, but then reality slowing creeps in, forcing Kraven to reevaluate his life. Through reflecting and reacquainting himself with his past, Kraven realizes age doesn't just go away. The epic retelling of his past and present entwining help Kraven embrace life and its inhabitants in this post-coming of age story. complete.

Somewhereland (formerly known as "If He Only Knew") [2010-2013] : I don't know what to say about this one. Starting in the nineteenth century, two immortals meet and become lovers, occasionally separating throughout the decades: a forlorn, almost miserable, aged man and a tiny cherub who finds comfort in women's clothes. Finally, in the twenty-first century, they reunite for a bittersweet encounter and liaison, until one of them starts freaking out again. complete.

Short Fiction

November 12th [2009] : Fed up with all his familial problems, 18 year old Tripp and his best friend Rouge go on a birthday massacre on his birthday, November 12th. Based on The Birthday Massacre's song Happy Birthday, only tweaked. complete.

Stalked/Stalking [2009] : A crossover featuring Gavin Kitsch and Leivi Love, where Leivi decides to visit his mother's home state, and instead finds a very lovely boy parading the streets of Los Angeles in tiny shorts and tough combat boots. complete.

The Potion [2010] : Another crossover story, this time featuring Leivi Love and Tripp complete. Tripp accidentally drinks a love potion and falls in love with Leivi, who is out trying not to fall in love. Well...a relationships ensues, but ends bitterly. (I'm horrible at summarizing my stories...) complete.

Meister und Haustier [2010] : A third crossover story, featuring Gavin Kitsch, Kraven Schweitzer, and Glenn Detlev. Glenn visits Los Angeles, looking for a refreshing fix of lust...but instead finds little boy-whore Gavin, whom he decides to take back to Hamburg, DE. Then he hands him over to Kraven as his pet. Two bottoms as master and pet? Unlikely. Well, it happens. complete.

Californian Night [2010] : A one-shot depicting a hot, summery Californian night. Gavin Kitsch and Rayne Crosse decide to have a little fun under the fading, blazing sun -- inside a room with a standing fan (I don't know what they're called...). complete.

A Question of Preference [2011] : A one-shot request done for a friend. A hipster-type dude decides to have some fun with the school's chemistry-nerd-in-a-labcoat...wait, what? complete.

Queer Oddity [2011] : complete.

Because He Never Asked [2011] : Written under complete angst. An underclassman falls for his buddy, who's about to graduate from high school and leave him behind without much regret. complete.

Assorted Shorts from Bohm to Thourne [2011] : Little vignette-type shorts on a couple of characters from my longer fiction, taking slight glimpses into their past for better understanding of their present lives. complete.

Tramp Stamp/Patches [2011] : Post-I'm A Monster life of Rayne Crosse and Oktober Grave. A glimpse into their life as an alternative couple in Fullerton, Calif. complete.

An Informal Discourse [I to V] [2011-2012] : Conversations between an aging man and his beard. He mostly talks about his sexual adventures with mostly-married men. She listens and there's a twist of events at the end. complete.

I Don't Know (& Responses) [2012] : A correspondence between two estranged males still yearning after each others' past love affair. complete.

Noises [2012] : A psychological account on a man's past child abuse. complete.

Trap [2012] : A story about this fucked up kid who seduces his brother-in-law, develops a full-blown affair, and then tries to run from what he's created afterward. complete.

Home-Wrecker Boy/Dismantled/Limitless [2012] : This is the story of Glenn Detlev's little brother, Flynn. Flynn starts out straight, and only a little bi-curious when he meets Kraven...but then his life turns around when he meets Josef, a man overwhelmingly older than him. But in a family riddled with gays and incubi...their relationship seems well accepted. complete.

Boneshaker Baby [2012] : Kraven's back -- in a like-epilogue, where he and Marck re-discover their feelings and delve deeply into each others' minds. Surprising results and major waterworks. complete.

No One is Pure [2012-2013] : Mathieu Tran's story after the events of Worse Than A Fairy Tale. This story explores developing romantic events between unlikely characters -- and temptation. Always temptation. complete.

He Will Taste of Nothing [2013] : Rhys is the ideal vision of a fuck-up: he drinks, he smokes, he injects, he pukes, he sells himself -- until he meets Jeffrey, the dude who's going to turn his life around, even if it means participating in these activities with him beforehand. complete.

Our Breadth [2013] : A day in the life of an older couple, complete with flashbacks. complete.

Small Fields [2013] : A day in the life of a younger man, who tries to discover love on a college campus, but fails. complete.

Parisian Liaison [2013] : Everyone's favorite brothers return. Glenn and Kristoff Detlev go on vacation -- and Glenn finally gets what he's been waiting for what seems his entire life. complete.

Long Summers and Sunshine Shoulders [2013] : Klaus, the former lover of Kraven's pedo-uncle, opens up in a tear-jerking account of true love and fate. Unkle Kurtis doesn't seem so creepy now. complete.


Somewhereville, Nowhereville, Some Sort of Ville [2010] complete.

The Carbon Copy [2011] complete.

Für Sie, die Frau [2011] complete.

I recall of Happier Times [2011] complete.

Therein Lies a Battered Tale [2011] complete.

...And We Befall Love [2012] complete.

Mad Girl's Noize [2012] complete.

Hollow Hills [2013] complete.

Traces Left...Unannounced [2013] complete.

Untitled IX [2013] complete.

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Meeting the Incubus
The story of a cross-dressing young adult name Kraven Schweitzer told in a nonlinear plot and varying points of views. Presented in sardonic yet honest descriptions, Kraven's ultimate telling of his young life between boyfriends, family, and obscure truths shadow his thoughts on life and others - and it's up to the reader to decide who to trust. Rated MA for reasons...
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I Don't Know
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I'm A Monster reviews
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