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Wechselbalg => Changeling
but call me Ella ;P

I'm from Austria and German is my first language. (Yes, we speak German in Austria ;) )
I learned English by myself (school taught me only the very basics and nothing more - I've not been at a remarkable good school - apparently) I read English novels, English (Fan)Fiction and watched movies in English and this is what I learned from it. Thank you, everyone who taught me English by writing such wonderful stories!
I'm still so far from being really good at English and everyday I learn something new.
So be patient with me, expect some mistakes in my stories, but never be afraid to point them out to me!
I want to become good at writing in English and therefore I have to learn. You can help me with that.
Just tell me when you notice I did something wrong. I can improve from your advice.
Trust me, I can really take criticism as long as it's constructive and not just mean. Anything that holds information is good for me. You don't even have to put it too kindly. Just be honest, that's all I ask for. =)
Thank you in Advance!

On my Homepage I post my completed stories. (Those can also be found here or on FanFictionNet) Some of them are going to be illustrated (by me) Also there are already some FanArts on the site, I also do them for stories of other people, if they want. Just ask me when you're interessted and I shall gladly do it. =) (Check out my HP for examples)

I'm a huge fable- and fairytale-fan. I adore Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, I also love Oscar Wilde's fairytales.
My all-time favourite is "The Remarkable Rocket"
My favourite Andersen is "The little Match Girl"
My favourite Grimm is "Death's Messenger"
(if you don't know them yet, read them now - it's really worth it!)

I love the classic ones especially; the ones with moral and their own special flow of words. If you know what I mean. (Like I said, I'm not that good at English. Forgive me)
I try to write such 'classical' fairytales and fables.
And though I'm certainly not a remarkable Author I'd like the idea of someone reading one of my stories and may enjoying it. That is what makes me smile.

I intend to post my stories in English and German. (I know, the same story twice is not a gorgeous idea, but maybe some only like reading in English or German. Some don't speak English - I think those will agree with me that a different language is enough of a difference to not be the same thing.)

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