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Hiya :)

I like a bunch of stories just not sci fi. I mostly like Action/Adventure, Mystery, Horror, Suspence, etc.

I am currently making...

Conspiracy (finished)

He would've known better than to do something so stupid. But I remember looking at his computer and the way he talked to me when he was getting questioned by the police...I stared back at Roger. I didn't need his approval to know who killed the man in the woods.

I liked this story because of the plot. I like it as well since there isn't that much romance(Max and Celia) but the little romance means a lot. Also I love the action. I really wanted something suspenceful.

Murder (Finished)

I left the insane village that I loved dearly for mulitple of reasons. The first was there were people trying to kill me. Second was that there were failed vaccines killing people. Thirdly, my best friend was the reason of the failed vaccines. It's been nearly ten months now and I haven't seen one face I knew.

I'm kind of happy with this. My favorite character in this is Lennon since he's very honest and blunt. You'll be able to know more about him in the next story. This had more action than the first one also slight comedy. I'm not going more romance though. It's good for now. In the next one, it will probably be my last. I'm still judging how long I want it to be.

Dead (Currently In Progress)

This will have a lot more action, slight romance, comedy, and this will be the last story. This is going to tie everything together so this will be pretty long. Some people will die and some will live. I'm excited to write this :)

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