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Ok so my story End of Perfect is also on Fanfiction.net. I decided to put it on here cause it seems to fit better. On Fan Fiction they have a section for vampire fan fictions, but my story is still all my own. I created the characters and storyline so I do not really see it as being a Fan Fiction other than that it has vampires in it. So I figure my story is most suited for this site. Now if any of my Fan Fiction or Quizilla readers come across this do not worry, just because I have put my story on Fiction Press does not mean I will not be updating on all sites. On a final note do not steal my work it is just wrong and I would not do that to you or anybody else so please do not do that to me. Oh yeah and please review. You may not think it, but reviews do wonders for the story and the author. Wether it is good or bad let me know what you think. It motivates me to update faster, and it helps me become a better writer. To me there is no such thing as a bad or mean review, to a certain point. Just writing something to be intentionally hateful does not do anything for anybody. That being said I hope for good reviews and then constructive criticism.

Now since I have finished The End of Perfect I do have another story idea I have been messing with. If I decide to do more with it you will now as I will be uploading it on this site. I do have plans to rewrite The End of Perfect in the future. It will be mostly correcting grammar issues. Yet this is also my very first story ever and if you read my first few chapters and then read my last few chapters; it doesn't even seem like it was wrote by the same person. My writing skills grew by leaps and bounds with this story. So I will be mostly correcting grammar mistakes but will also be re-writing the first few chapters to fix amateur work and plot problems. For the most part the story will stay the same and the ending will not change.

link to my fanfiction account - http://www.fanfiction.net/emberlies

The End of Perfect Characters:

Everly Rose- http:///i/36dm2.jpg/

Drayton Devereux- http:///32686/files/2010/01/7b3093dafe6890db638f976dedc9e9c1.jpg

Kayd Devereux- http:///imgg/Jared_Leto_1971.gif

Leila Durnin- http:///celebrity/photos/megan-pepin.htm

Allard Launceleyn- http:///2008/02/simon-woods.jpg

Nera/Seph Barlow- http:///wp-content/uploads/2010/09/olivia-wilde.jpg

Unknown Man - http:///eb/ymv/us/img/hv/photo/movie_pix/gener8xion/one_night_with_the_king/james_callis/king.jpg

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