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About Me (And some general info on Canadians and a couple things Americans need to learn)(Warning to Americans: I am Canadian, and I kind of diss your country's health care system here. And everything else about you. My apologies, but some Canadians love dissing the US because you're so right wing to the point where your left wing is more right wing than our right wing party. That's political talk, for you uneducated people out there. And no, that's not the only reason we diss you, but it's one of them. But you guys mock us in the media on a regular basis, so deal with it. Also slightly offensive to people who like to stereotype Canadians. You know what, don't read it if you're easily offended.):

1. Pepsi is best.

2. Old Dutch chips are awesome. If you've never heard of them, come to Canada, NWO in particular, I know for a fact that they're popular here.

3. I live In Northwest Ontario, land of Trees, rocks, lakes and trees. Did I mention the trees

4. Skiing rules bigtime. Especially downhill. I REALLY want to ski in Banff someday. It would be a dream come true. Same with Whistler. As for the States, who cares? Canada's healthcare system kicks ass, particularly compared to theirs. I mean, seriously, who lets people smoke wherever they want giving nonsmokers who actually care about their health lung cancer. I mean, REALLY? I'm sorry if I'm offending anyone, but my trip to Orlando, Florida gave me an awful impression of the US health care system and I am not eager to go back to that place anytime soon.

5. Never smoked, never done drugs, and never consumed alcohol. Unfortunately I've breathed in second hand smoke (especially in Orlando. Just sayin', you guys have smoking problems that need to be fixed. It's called NO SMOKING AT HOTELS WHERE INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE! Yes, I know you're so terrified of communism that you're afraid of helping others by sacrificing the right to blow smoke in people's faces, but really, if Canada can suck it up, so can you.)

6. No, I do NOT dogsled to school, nor do I live in an igloo or own a pet polar bear. I honestly doubt that even the Inuit people in the Northwest Territories, Yukon, or Nunavut do any of those things. And that's for more than just the Americans, it's for anyone who takes pleasure in stereotyping Canadians. Stop thinking that we live in a frozen wasteland. Because we don't. It's actually quite beautiful here. Especially if you like -40 below 0 Celsius winters, cuz that's what we get. As for our summers, I remember once it was like 30-40 above 0 Celsius. Yeah, temperatures here vary. A lot. We got winter, spring, summer, and fall in one week a couple times this year, both back in the spring and just a week or so ago. Now it's winter again. For real this time. Wow. We had no snow at all about two weeks ago, got some, it all melted a few days later, and now we have about a foot of it. Yup, NWO is a great place to live!

7. I HATE hockey. I like beavers though, they're cool. And no, I do NOT own a beaver hat (wish I did, though). And I don't hunt. Now shut up you stereotypers.

8. I'm slightly sadistic, and a little bit masochistic.

9. Twilight (books and movie - Wait, what do you mean there's more than one movie?!) can burn in hell for all I care.

10. Harry Potter only comes in second to one thing and one thing only: every masterpiece ever that Tolkien created.

11. Eh. There. Happy now, stereotypers? BTW, I rarely say that except for when some American or something starts stereotyping Canadians and they piss me off. Yeah, I have a temper problem. Now F OFF!

12. I have ADHD and a major anxiety dissorder. (Prozac is stupid, but Zoloff or whatever the hell it's called has been working well so far!) No suicidal or self-harming thoughts yet! Fingers are remaining crossed!

13. I live to sing, ski, write, act, and piss people off for the fun of it. Well, not so much the last one unless I'm in a sadistic mood. I can be a people person at times, but at other times I'm a kill-people-if-they-dare-to-go-near-me person. Sometimes introvert, sometimes extrovert. Not Anti-social, though, as that would mean that I'm against society and want to kill everyone. That's the real definition of Anti-social boys and girls. You were all wrong (unless you already knew that, in which case, have a free nonexistent cookie! *gives cookie to those who already knew that*)

14. Americans can't spell. I mean, seriously? Colour has a u in it! As does favour and favourite! And centre is re geniuses! AND GOOD GOD FICTIONPRESS I LIVE IN CANADA STOP SAYING CANADIAN SPELLING IS WRONG! IT'S THE SAME AS UK ENGLIS WHICH IS CORRECT BECAUSE THE PEOPLE IN ENGLAND INVENTED THE ENGLSI LANGUAGE AND CANADA STUCK WITH THEM IN SPELLING! Also, if Americans could learn to pronounce Poutine correctly (POUTINE IS NOT INCORRECTLY SPELLED, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE SPELL CHECK ON THIS SITE?!), that would be much appreciated. I mean, Poe-ten, seriously?! Poo-tin (correct French pronunciation for the French-Canadian dish), or poo-teen (rest of Canada pronunciation).

15. Canadians, myself included, enjoy full rights to mock Americans. You guys mock us in your media all the time. So, right back at you.

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