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Hi peeps!! The name is Wakizashi(obviously not my REAL name), and you've just stumbled onto my little corner of Fanfiction.net. Good for you! Stay and browse a while; I won't mind.

All right, this is me: Seventeen years old, female, five foot four(a real shortie *cries*), newly cut blond-ish hair, green eyes, and a good singing voice when I feel like embarrassing myself in public.

My current works:

believe (buh-`lív) v: - Final Fantasy IX

Ciao - Just Shoot Me (David Spade is my HERO)

A Perfect World - Sherlock Holmes (because I'm a huge retard and simply can't work on less than two stories at a time)

I'm sure you've noticed that I've removed some stories. If you're wondering why, don't. Like many fanfiction authors, I've gotten better with time and experience. Therefore, my early stories are horrible. They lack any imagination and/or talent whatsoever. So since I don't believe in wasting space on Fanfiction.net's generous website, I got rid of my stories I deemed unworthy. If anybody actually liked them(why?), my apologies.

New business: Even though I resolved to stick with the stories I had already started, I have come to the decision that it's impossible for me to do so. I just have too many ideas. Therefore, I have begun writing a modern Sherlock Holmes story. Don't look at me! It's my readers' faults! They were so sweet, and encouraging, and they WANTED more from me! How does that make me responsible, I ask you?

Anyway, go read my fics, and if you have time, visit my webpage, and my mediaminer gallery, where most of my fanart is.


My official slogan: The thesaurus is an author's best friend! *cheesy smile*