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Wasssup? My name's Kate. I'm UNDER the age of eighteen, but don't give me crap about it or I'll give ya crap right back.

I write about what I like, just like people read what they like. If you don't like vampires, then you probably shouldn't be reading my stories. Ohhh yeah, and if I get comments telling me that my stories are just rip-offs of 'Twilight' then you can just...well, suck it. If you read closely, you'll see that there is quite a big difference between my writing and Stephenie Meyer's. Don't get me wrong, she was like my f*cking idol for awhile, but I don't believe in copying another person's work.

Speaking of copying another person's work..I have several usernames out in the world. LoudSkies. loverXxXgirl. And then MakeLikeHands. But if you see my work posted under a different name, please tell me. I'd really like to know who's stolen my work. Thankyousomuch.

I'll write more later when I feel like it.

Until later,

Kate (: