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You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. Ray Bradbury

There's nothing interesting about myself that I can say. If you want to be slumped in your computer chair, snoring loudly with drool dripping from your mouth, PM me and I'll be happy to tell you all the boring stuff about myself. Which is in fact everything.

But to save you from that horrible image (I mean seriously, drool; that would put anyone off their lunch), I'll just begin with the necessary details:

I'm nineteen, a girl, currently trying to juggle with my reading addiction and university (reading is winning for obvious reasons) and I grew up in a small town in Western Australia. I do not say "G'day Mate!" whenever I say hello to someone, and I definitely do not say "Crikey!" in replace of a swearword, normally it's with words like sugar and fudge instead. I know how disappointed you must be feeling, but honestly, we don't speak like that. If you're a new exchange student or Steve Irwin (Bless him), I will forgive. If not...at least now you know. And 'no' we do not ride around Kangaroos, that would be stupid; Emus are so much faster, and they bounce less.

Reading, writing, movies, music, piano, violin, fanfiction/fictionpress, sitting in my amazing beanbag (don't laugh! beanbags are so cool right now), and enlarging my collection of books on my bookshelf are my most dominant pastimes. Chasing magpies on my emu is currently coming in first place though I must say.

Stereotypes make me want to deck people. Seriously; I wrote three pages about it in my Year 12 English exam.

I get bored easily, and I'm lazy. Me finishing a story equals "dial triple 0 I think she's dying!. O.M.G."

But do not worry. I will only ever start posting if I have finished, or near finishing a story.

And last but not least; I do not have a funny accent. Point made.

(and yes I know this is exactly the same and my fanfiction profile. I mean, I did say I was lazy didn't I?)

Fanfiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/kjsmanuscript

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