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Name: Gabby or Micah.

Age: 25

Interests: Plenty of random things, you'd be surprised. Currently, its my interpretation of 80's, 90's and early 2000's culture, various music (except most hip hop/ rap), Stephen King, just ask, I'm pretty open

I like to read. Alot. I've been devouring books for as long as I can remember! It's always been a pleasure of mine and thanks to it, I'm very articulate. I pride myself on that and my knowledge from reading.

I like stories from all sorts of genre's. I prefer dark material though. I'm a fan of Stephen King, though I can't read his stuff all the time. All the details. It begins to wear on you, I believe.

Everything below the grey line are just old reviews/musings I had of stories/novels of the time (early to mid 2011) its nothing really important, but I cant bring myself to delete it just yet.

My favorite authors are:

Kresley Cole

Stephen King

The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

Alien. Yeah its about Aliens. I had no idea of that when I first bought it. I was getting tired of the whole Alien genre. Since I really like S.K's work, I decided to give it a chance. I was not dissapointed. Quite the opposite in fact. Just like in all of his novels, Stephen will drown you in details. Nothing is minute, overlooked or ignored. I'll try to surmise without giving away too much. Roberta "Bobbi" Anderson finds a peculiar object in the forest near her Haven, Maine home. It makes her dog Peter wail in despair. Eric Gardener, better known as simply "Gard", is Bobbi's best friend and lover. (When I say that i mean they screw occasionally. But it doesnt have a schedule and they're mostly friends.) He travels amongst poetry group but later flees to Maine because he feels within his soul that Bobbi is in trouble. Well she is, as well as him. But thats just a small part of it. The whole town of Haven, Maine is in for a experience thats simply too bizarre to be put in a few sentences. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to anyone who likes to read horror. This book had the thickness and size of a bible. If you're interested, be sure you have the capacity to tackle a book like that. There is some comedic moments thrown in the insanity here and there.

Elizabeth Kay

R.L. Stine


Isobel Q. Rowan

Rogue Roxness

Starving Lunatic

I'm currently reading as of 3/4/2011:

Celestial Reign: Tears of the Sun

by Starving Lunatic

I love alot of things about this story. I appreciate the immense spectrum of human emotions within this particular story. I often daydream and wonder about Xol, her clan and Mei's musings. Viktor possesses a world weary old mans soul, yet he is only a child. The contrasts are amazing. One of the few stories I've read that actually made my eyes water. I haven't cried from reading well written literature since David Keye's Flowers for Algernon. I like the abstractness of the how the world is created. I found the name Xol cute and yet, powerful. Now that I think about it, I wonder what a College version of this story would be like. When reading I keep optimistic, because in this universe of Xol, Illeana, and Viktor I'm aware that anything can change. It's both scary and exciting. Would definitely recommend to others, even those who don't read as much as I do. The best part though is that there is still more to come, or so I hope.(Still going)

The Second Sister by Rogue Roxness

This story is a little different from many I have read. It has its share of magic, but not enough to overwhelm or chase me away. The best way for me to describe it would be to compare it to a delicious and foreign treat. I should share it because it is so delicious and would "broaden many people's horizon's" among other things, but at the same time I wouldn't share it because I want it all to myself. The appeal of this work for me is a variety of things. For example I appreciate most things to be prim, proper, and in order. And initially this course seemed to be followed to a tee. My dislike for any mention of snooty royalty or distaste for slaves runs deep, and yet my undivided attention is kept. Regularly I think I understand what is going on, only to be thrown for a loop. I admire courage in the face of danger, and there is certainly plenty of it. Another appeal, I suppose.(Done)

Wolf Eyes by Rogue Roxness

What to say. I just recently finished reading another installment from the 'Tales from Amendyr'. Second Sister is too, for all of you who may not of known. Not to seem childish but since I was very young, I always held Wolves in high regard. They've always been my favorite animal. When I glanced at the title of this story, I thought "OMG there's gonna be wolves! I have to read it" So I immediately began reading. Cate was a bit of a shadow to me in Second Sister. I knew her as a pretty redhead, shy, and somewhat withdrawn character. Cate does alot of growing up. Thats the mildest way I'd put it. She and Larna grew on me. And their journey's not even over yet. As in, 'Second Sister' magic is referenced, though on the other side of the Serian border, its alot more prominent. Back to the wolves... Even though wolves are important, they are not the complete focal point of the story. Later, I came to appreciate that. Wolfs eyes takes place following Cates retreat from Seria. Her life is once again changed forever, but not everything is black and white as it seemed to be projected. I would love to go into great detail, but it would be much, much more satisfying if you simply read it. (Done)

Death Wears Yellow Garters by Rogue Roxness

I flew through D.W.Y.G., mostly. Not because I didn't like it, but because I hate being left in suspence too long. I'm not a big fan of whodunit mysteries. This is a derivative from the norm though. Throw together a filthy rich family, an overly nosy aunt, unexpected death, and of course a dash of lesbianism and you've got Death Wears Yellow Garters. Check it out, you'd be surprised what you'll find. ;) (Done)

Vox Vi by Isobel Q. Rowan

I like reading about the Romans. I really do. They ARE ancient knowledge as we know it. However their TOO male oriented (to put it lightly). Well, no longer is that the case I'm glad and relieved to say! Vox Vi is the sequel to another story that I have not read. I'm willing to read the prequel, just not yet. I haven't heard of too many well written fictions of the Great Roman Empire. This is one of the more, (how do I put it?) 'adventurous' ones. Oh, and with mention of time travel, egalitarianism, and...blue eyes? Plus I love the pursuit of 'breaking the ice queen(or king)'. I'm on ch6, waiting for the next update. As I read on, I'm highly amused and curious at the idea of two women concieving on their own. Ha. Can't wait to see that. (Still going)

Of Love and Plunder by Rin817

Hm. I was coming down off my Pirates of the Caribbean high and I stumbled across this story. I saw 'plunder' and sure enough, it was a pirate story. Havent read one those in awhile. (Yeah, its lesbian. I have no idea when I may stop reading those... ;D) Maeve loves her family, but her father is abusive, her mom is...well I honestly didnt get much of a vibe from her mom. I dont respect women who stay w/ abusive men, anyway. Maeve runs away and meets a Italian(she was born in Italy but not Italian) born bombshell of a women w/ a penchant for thieving. Her name is Carmen. (Side note: you ever notice most women who have that name are really attractive?) When she and Maeve cross paths thats when the plot really takes off. Well for me anyway. Carmen is a captain of a pirate ship. Maeve is a girl from a small town w/ nowhere to return to. Their relationship is unconventional. I'd love to say interpret it as you see it.

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Hive Mind by bloodlore reviews
Rachel rolled her eyes once again at the news program she was watching. Alien invasion, yeah right! Sounded more like spring break gone intergalactic. Women were actually throwing themselves at the "invaders". They were all so desperate to be the one the alien men were searching for. As if that situation could ever be anything more than horrible. m/f/m
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Prequel to "Amor Vincit Omnia." A new Emperor reluctantly accepts the Roman Imperial throne. To keep it, she must battle a ruthless general who betrays her, tame an unruly wife who detests her and produce an impossible heir, blood of her blood. Lesbian.
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Of Love and Plunder by Rin817 reviews
“My name is Captain Carmen Cox.” She stated, simply. Her lips parted as she inhaled again from the pipe. The smoke curled out of her mouth and nose, clinging to her skin and caressing her sharp jawline. A not so typical story of 17th century pirates.
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COMPLETE. AO. Sparks fly when I fall for my Mother's coworker. This is a tale of lesbian love and Mother:daughter angst. Oh, and did I mention Mother can't stand my beloved. Chap. 34-38 moved to new story, "Forever's A Longtime."
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