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Well hello, this is Ghostsammeo's profile, a male reader here to read and review rather than write myself.

I have a twin account (user name Ghostsammeo as well) on, the sister website of this. I am active on that site, writing stories from previously made books, games, animes and toons etc. I am a comfortable writer on that site, ranging my stories from (hopefully) well written horrors or epics to comedic, averagely spelt and written stories. I also have a ton of crack fics for a small fandom which are all pretty terrible when looking back, but I can't bring myself to delete them as they are the stories which got me started on fanfiction.

Here I am not intending to put anything up. Though I do have my own story (first draft and reasonably young, written for about a year now) I would never put it on the internet. There are many reasons for this; plagiarism is a key thing for me, though I'm sure nobodies like that on this site I am still concious of it and therefore would never subdue my own, unique ideas online for others to possibly copy and/or steal. Also there is the thought in my mind that by putting a story up on the internet I could be possibly restricting myself from ever getting my story published. To some that may seem a silly thought as if it is a well liked story surely that would mean more chance of being published but (and by no means to I wish to offend anyone) I feel that putting a story on the internet may, cheapen it? Especially when you have to write a description for it in the terribly restrictive summary box.

Anyhow, I have came onto to this site to review and praise and/or dish out constructive criticism on stories I read. I have always thought of making an account on here as the idea of finding a brilliant piece of literature which some day may be a big hit is very appealing. Hopefully a lot of authors on this site want to some day be published, and with my reviews they can achieve their dreams. Though I doubt there is any perfectly done- ready to contact bloomsbury -stories on this site I do hope to find some which are close. When I do find one which is close to completion and I believe is a good story worthy of publication I will say so, and hopefully some day I'll find it on a bookshelf!

So, basically my reviews will be long ones. if constructive critism is not needed I will not say it, but I really doubt that. On Fanfiction I admittedly do not review like this though, I would normally just give a little well done, or a big explanation as to why I enjoyed it, no constructive criticism at all really. But I get a different vibe from this site. This site is full of real, new characters unlike Fanfiction's all ready created ones. Because of that I feel more respect and attention is needed in the review system, so I will do so.

Some day, If a new story pops into my head and I choose to develop it, I may post it on here (As of course my orginal fiction will be the driving force towards publication) but that's a maybe... (probably not basically)

Anyway if you also go on Fanfiction check me out, otherwise get ready because here I come.

Also just to add I will only be favourting stories I really do enjoy; that means it has to be well written (good punctuation, structure) with good characters (loveable or hateable) and a original good storyline. Sadly that means if I feel you have taken parts or the kind of themes from another story I will not be reading eg 'a story about an evil lord who now has fallen and has began his rise many years later where some group of heroes must stop him' - yeah that's kinda too much like The Lord Of The Rings, for me. I will read stuff about kids/people, being taken into another world as long as its well written and has an orginal world and characters.

I hate to sound picky, but thats just me, I'm looking for good stuff, ranging from brilliant to has potential.

Thanks for reading my profile (if you had the energy to read about my Fictionpress ways) now you can scroll down to look at my favourite authors, stories and anything else down there (If there is any) Remember if its down there its good stuff ;)

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