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Hello! I'm Sorceress Myst! I've come back to my old account to post new stories for feedback. All other stories that are dated around 2003 may be revised and eventually updated someday. Until then, I really don't want to hear concrit on them. I just want concrit on the newer stories posted since I have improved greatly from my last entry back then.

Please visit my wordpress site! I have the uncut chapters of my stories as well as other links there. Also, check out the map I'm working on for the Fatesbane series- so far I have The Continent of Orja and The Continent of Rynrir, and I have a cover image for the upcoming third book up - Fatesbane: Lords of the Sea, and one for the new short story Fatesbane: Falling the Hard Way.

My current writing project is 'Fatesbane' and there will be weekly updates (or as close to weekly). I rely on a beta who is currently busy with college work so any finished chapters may be held back as I wait for corrections.

My novel 'The Rise of Heretics' is now on sale on Kindle. You can find the link in the address posted above. If you don't own a kindle, you can download a free app to your PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Sooner or later, 'Trials of the Demoness and Harbinger' will be taken down and also sold on Kindle, but for now, it'll stay here to be read for free. 'The Fall of Destiny' will stay unpublished and free to read. I recently discovered that I can get Heretics on Barnes & Nobles' Nook, but I have to wait until my subscription on Amazon's Kindle sharing program is over because my story has to be exclusive to the site.

Interesting news! I was concerned that Dantia (from Fatesbane) was a borderline Mary-Sue, so I took two litmus tests to make sure. She scored a negative 10 on The Universal Mary-Sue Litmus Test (http:///writing/marysue.htm) and a positive 14 on The Original Fiction Mary-Sue Litmus Test (http:///ms-test.html). It seems my concern was unfounded. She had more flaws than perfections after all (I didn't think being selfish and petty would help her)

The Rise of Heretics Lemon Scenes: These are Adult only chapters and scenes from the novel that features lemons between the main characters. Currently there are two extra scenes (Dream and Cave) and three scenes taken from chapters 15, 16, and 22

Art from 'Fatesbane' - Features character concepts of Dantia, Satel, Cegil (currently a picture of him younger than he is), a map of the world, and more. This address goes to the whole gallery.

Fanart!!: Yay! I got fanart. I feel so special! (If anyone else wants to draw fanart, just send me a message and give me a link to see it). The links are disabled for now, but will be back up once fictionpress brings back the feature.

Tama-Chan-Myu: Sathra

KT-Zombie: Peaceful Contemplation, Gahn you're a pervert

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