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Likes: Steam Punk, Pirates, Mid Evil Fantasy, all type of relationships, Suspense, Action Adventure, and Mystery

Dislikes: War Stories (sorry to0 graphic and painful for me to read however if it's the setting but it's not like playing call of duty then okay I an read that ) Horror however I can stomach the movie Zombie Land probably because I laughed enough through the story otherwise I would have ran out the theater most likely and finally GORE I mean pure gore, if you have a gory moment in a story that's okay but if's all gore like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Manga no thanks.

Writing Style: If you're read 'Hunger Games' an actual book I recommend it and I've only read the first five pages before someone grabbed it from my hands to check it out at they library this morning because they had a paper to right (yeah I don't use run ons in my stories don't worry) That is my style of writing, I'm not saying that's how I write in terms of plot but how I set up my paragraphs and such

Inspiration: The things my grandparents say as well as children, games, my surroundings, and dr. Thunder/ cherry dr.pepper / Mr. Pibb / Cherry pepsi sodas, lack of sleep, and sheer boredom which happens to me a great deal. And finally flavored applesauce someone please by me more of that green apple. WILL WRITE FOR GREEN APPLE FLAVORED APPLE SAUCE! Is that redundant I dunno.

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I'm actually pretty mellow until you give me stuff. Then I jump up and down like a giddy school girl unless I don't know you in which case I'll ask what you need from me to pay of the gift...Unless it's applesauce. If Applesaus = (You get) hug.

RPG Maker VX Game designer

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Did I mention the applesauce? Also 42 and Towels. Yup.

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