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Hey!! My name is Jake!! Well, kinda!! My real full name is Jacob Ephraim Thomas Sean Black-Austin-Monroe...and now you see why I like being called Jake!! I'm just a little hyper, as you've probably guessed...

...okay, I'm completely off my rocker :D (I don't even know what that means...my dad said it!!) I have ADHD, and I'm insane all the time...not cuz of the ADHD mind you, but just because I'm...well, insane!!

I'm a 14 year old boy from England. I do not talk posh. I'm a brummie so my accent is as bad as they come. My birthday is the 9th of September (1996). I am in year 9, and goodness knows what american grade that is...

Did I mention I'm puerta rican? Kinda!! I can speak spanish...but only bits...my completely english (okay, so she has soooome french blood in her...but it's really old french blood...basically, she's mostly english...with like 1/32 french or something) friend can speak spanish FAR better than me!! I have houses in Puerta Rico, Ibiza, England, America and Australia!!

In X Factor 2010, I am supporting...darn, who am I supporting again?...uhhhh, WAGNER!! Now, (for real), I'm supporting Matt to win!! Aiden's too creepy for my liking, and Wand Erection are too girly...but apparently my friend Angel likes them...she's insane. :D

EDIT: Woohoo!! Matt won!! I feel so proud :')

And I'll add more later!!

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