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My Real name-

I was named according to a famous river of 'Kashmir ' of India by my father.

It is the one of the famous five rivers of the world. It has also great historical importance. Alexander the Great of Greece tried to invade India by this river. He defeated Puru the king of India but returned him the kingdom impressed by his courage & honesty.

Guess my name now.

Well here's the clue, the translation of my first name is River & my last mame is Trust. So the translation of my real name in English is River Trust.

But you can call me River.

My Country -

Bangladesh, a south Asian country by the Bay of Bengal, with a rich history of thousands of years & a dazzling cultural heritage. I'm proud to be a Bangladeshi.

My Age-21 year.

My Birthday- 8 March 1989.

My job-

Student of 4th year in a medical college.

My location-

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, a city 4oo years old.

My Language-

Bangla, one of the sweetest language in the world which was earned with the price of blood. Yes, many people died to establish Bangla as state language in 1952, in the colonial period.

Who I am Deep inside my heart-

Behind the mask a shy, good student who hides herself behind the piles of thick medical books, I'm a writer who dreams to publish her own book someday. I got published in local news papers & college magazines & was highly praised by the readers. I just fill my table with piles of poems & attempted novels. Hope someday they will get published too.

About my Original works-

When I was only 5 years old, my father showed me the world of writing. Still my parents are my inspiration in writing.

Now I've translated a few of my works to share with the people around the world. I just like to know their reactions. Yes,they're in my native language but I just publish a few of them in FictionPress. com to share with you. If you're interested to read them & tell me what you think.

Writers whom I consider as my idols-

1. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal,

2. Sunil Gangopathay

3. Jibannanda Das

Its all about me.

Things I like & always recommend to other people

Movies I 've seen too many times-

1. Tangled


3. Pocahontas

4. Beauty and the Beast

5. Little Mermaid


7.The Bicycle Thief (original in French but I saw it with english subtitle)

8. Apu trilogy (original in Bangla but English subtitle is also available)

9. 3 Idiots (original in Hindi but English subtitle is also available)

Books I read again & again-

1.Harry Potter -by J.K. Rowling

2.Twilight -by Stephane Mayer

3. Bloodline- by Sidney Sheldon

4. Montejuma's Daughter- by Henry Rider Haggard

5. Pride & Prejudice- by Jane Austin

6. David Copperfield- by Charles Dickens

7. The Brief History of Time- by Stephen Hawkins

8. My name is Red- by Orhan Pamuk

9. Cosmos- by Carl sagan

10. The Life of Pi- by Yan Martel

11. Da Vinci Code- by Dan Brown

Songs I hear many times-

1. If I never knew you - Pocahontas

2. I see the light- Tangled

3. Fields of gold- String

4. Hero- Enrique ilesias

5. Change the world- Eric Clapton

6. Anne's song- John Denver

7.Last Kiss- Taylor Swift

To Readers--

Thanks to all who read my stories & reviewed them. If you read my stories please send your reviews.

All type of reviews are welcomed.

I don't mind with constructive reviews because they are helpful. Inspirations are also welcomed.

I am not from English speaking country. So there may be some errors. My English is not so good too.

So if you correct my errors with your reviews, I will be happy . Any suggestion about the plot are also welcomed.

Tell me about your likings & dis likings. Don't hesitate. I don't mind with criticisms. So feel free to tell me .

It's the reviews that motivate me to write. So I beg to you If you read my stories Please leave a review. That helps me to improve my writings.

I don't mind with PMs. So mail me if you want.


Wait for more stories.

My love & gratitude to all readers ,reviewers & the people who like my writings & added them to their favorites.

Happy Reading.

Recent Stories in progress-

1. Black and White life- Aditya's dad killed his mother & he becomes drug addict. Jinuk's husband becomes schizophrenic & commits suicide. Bably's husband abandons her with a baby. How can they find happiness?


2. Colors of the Wind- Mira is a Mute & blind girl. She has a sad past. One day Simanto comes to show her a new world. But when she finds that he has a cancer beyond treatment will she meet a tragic end again?

Please REVIEW.

Coming soon- 1. Feelings (Love Poem) 2. Dust (Supernatural) 3. Lost Dream (Romance) 4. Parallel Lives ( Sci-Fi)

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