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Author has written 5 stories for Romance, Supernatural, and Fantasy.

E.Caster Novels (2010)
- Skill Academy (Completed)
- Inked (Pending)

Collapse Series (2011)
- Collapse(Pending)

Element Series(2011)
-Element Water (Not uploaded, pending)
-Element Fire (Not uploaded)

Should I upload it? I dunno.

I have others but I think I will put my pending stories up only.

My name is Tsubaki Hikari.
I go by a Japanese pen name because I am crazy about the Japanese Language(I speak Jap!)
and I find that Anime and Manga gives me ideas on story plots and emotional description.
I am hoping to be an author when I grow older.
I have been writting for 4 years simply for entertaining my friends and my cousin, who also loves to write.

The scary thing is when I let my new classmates or friends read one of my stories
they have only one thing to say to me,
they will demand and will not let me off unless I actually do write it.

I do not plan my stories before writing
because I believe that writing comes as and when it likes
Like a wind, so sudden
But it still makes me even more interested in bringing
my imagination to life.

My original aspiration is to be a singer,
but right now, I think I like being an author
because books are the very things that make me happy.
They bring me away from reality like my anime
When they do, it makes me even more happy.

My ideal author is one that will bring joy, sadness and trust in my stories to enable my readers to enjoy reading my stories
I tend to write adventure stories and action stories but honestly,
I am more to the romance type of writer.
Thanks for visiting my author page.

If you want, you can email me.
I keep this email as one only for Fictionpress readers so if you have any comment or confusion,
feel free to ask, if I can, I will definately answer it.

My name is Tsukarin and I believe that reading is a great passion to have.

みんな、ありがとう!(Thanks everyone.)

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