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I have always loved books and why not I came from a family of intellects, My mother loved books so much so that she works around them everyday at a library. My elder siblings love books so much so that they read to me before I could even understand what they were saying and my father loved books. I remember sitting at the table and reading him the paper every morning, as my mother cooked breakfast fighting with my brothers over which article we’d read. Yes I think it was apparent that I loved books and words and the magic they held. It wasn’t long before they began to affect me, my life measured in books instead of moments. I learned to count with Dr, Seuss.

I became friends and got my period with Judy Blume. I joined the secret cult of the Zaniacs ( any book by Zane for those of you who haven’t read it, you probably shouldn’t. It’s basically porn in written form and was outlawed by parents and teachers, thus making it something we all had to have)each book carefully hidden from parents and teachers and passed on more sacred than the bible. I learned about love from Romeo and Juliet and Jane Austen, I became magical through Harry potter and dealt with my parents divorce with Silent tears and VC Andrews.

And I learned that life goes on with Stephen King and Aldruous Huxley. I spent hours in my room armed only with a book transported to a universe where I wasn’t me the girl I didn’t like and couldn’t understand. Id spend hours at the library like an addict sometimes going through two sometimes three books a day, not caring if I was termed a nerd my nose stuck to far in a book to care. By the time I hit the 7th grade I possessed more books than was humanly possible every surface of my room covered , and Id finished off the local library and the school library a feat form which I received 500 and a medal from the city> my mother still has the clipping hanging in our living room. I of course spent the money on more books. But no that was not enough for the young addict I had become I moved on to the Main library 12 floors of pure heaven. It was there that I was on the 4th floor my 9th grade year where I ran across a book I don’t recall the name, I only remember my favorites though I’ve written every book I’ve read down coming up with an intense rating system that I won’t bore you with. Bu the point is I was 241 pages in and when I turned the page a full Chapter was missing. Now this wasn’t the first time its happened to me I had a younger brother who like to draw on things and eat paper, Id only left Lord of the Rings for a moment while I put away the groceries, it never had a chance.

I still don’t know whether they were eaten by those trees. But regardless the book was missing 5 important pages. I simply went to the database and looked up the book hoping to find another copy surely in a large city with over 50 libraries I’d find another, No such luck. I was stuck for days holding onto that stupid book , for it truly was stupid and years later I realize that those 5 pages didn’t matter in the least. Regardless I must have spent days looking in book stores and on line I would have paid anything for that book. After a week of sleeplessness and pure worried someone came up with an answer. It was a teacher a literature teacher in fact and she was one of mentors.

She told me to make it up. I blanched at the idea that was sacrilegious how could I ever measure up to a published author with my short stories and my little ribbon worthy essays. But her idea stuck with me for days and finally that night I sat down at my desk with a pen and paper, and I wrote. The words spilled out I wrote until well into the next day not even coming out of my room to visit my library waving off my parents as they knocked on my door to ask if I was alright. Out in out ignoring friends, even my beloved puppy Rhett. ( that Christmas I had been very into Gone with the wind still my favorite book and movie).

Before I knew It Id filled an entire notebook. And what was more it was good. I still read it today with its imperfect grammar and unbelievable story line and laugh. And thus launched my career into fan fiction But at some point the story had to end, the guy had to get the girl, or the war had to end though I have a very morose friends who firmly believes that the story isn’t over unless everyone dies. Though of course everyone never dies, at some point the characters have children and the friends have children and the story must go on until the apocalypse. Regardless the story had to end and these weren’t my characters, I had no right to them, and finally Id had enough. My fanfics had morphed into monstrous catastrophes longer than the actual book. I had a problem. Though the real solution never truly kicked in until I read Twilight not that I don’t like the book, mind you I have an Edward shirt and all the books engraved. But the book was highly unbelievable and badly written. And after reading the second book I began to realize that I in fact could do better, I had done better. I had two boxes of notebooks and a scrapbook full of ribbons that stated that fact. So that night I sat poised in my bed a purple fuzzy pin bought specifically for that occasion and I wrote, no longer did I have to conform to people’s ideas for I had my own now, For the first time in my life I had utter control no evil teacher telling me I can’t write that, no editor saying ,check your facts . Now I had my own world and anything could happen, now for the first time I open up my world beyond my bedroom, beyond my select group of friends, My locked notebook is now open. Welcome to my world, ENJOY!!

MY Writing Style
I am a very eccentric writer, I always write in a purple notebook with a purple pen. Meaning I eventually have to type it all up a task which I hate, because it’s never the same. I’m a tough editor and you never get what I intend for you to have. Saying this bear with me, Please I’m a student, a friend, a daughter and a sibling. I don’t always have the time. That being said I’m an insomniac I sleep roughly 3 hours a night and though it will probably kill me, its great for my writing, and thus my readers. Horribly enough I’m awful at updating, writers block sets in and I get bored or think its awful and begin something else. That being said you will see nothing that isn’t at least halfway completed, meaning half typed; all completed. And when writers block sets in you can expect lots of short stories 3 chapters or less.
I am currently into slash. I have no idea why except one of my friends asked me to write him a story in which he was the star and he’s gay. So I wrote him a story and now I can’t stop. I have a full Slash story in the works but mostly its one shots.

Most of my stories are romances, they exist in all forms history, religion ,whatever, but these are my stories that are strictly hetero. I realize that not all people are into Slash and that is fine. All I ask is that you respect the people that are and don’t allow yourself to hate me because I’m into it. If you do I guarantee you’ll miss out on some really great stories.


I strongly believe in the pay it forward policy. Meaning if you like it tell someone ,add it to your favorites or better yet tell me, I take all reviews even a YAY or NAY is greatly appreciated, of which I will respond to all. And if you want me to read your work I will as I stated earlier I am a bibliophile and I’ll review your stuff. On criticism, I love it. I know not the desired response, but I do. I operate on the strict belief that I can’t get better if you don’t tell me what I did wrong. Also Flames are also welcome, though if you do Flame me, be prepared to have your stuff together, because I’ll challenge that flame and I’ll mention your stuff and every comma, period, and semicolon will be challenged, and god forbid you have some typos
MY Stories

My One Shots

The Tenth Year
Rated M Completed
He’s been with Stephen for 10 years, and something’s got to give.
Rated T Completed Dramatic themes
The man had been sad, too sad.

The End
Rated T Completed
Action/ Drama
It had been years since he had been in the city, it was the city of his youth the very city that had given him so much and taken away more. His family still resided in the city but he hadn’t seen them in nearly 15years since he’d been given an opportunity when he was 13 and told he could never turn back.

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