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Wow! I finally buckled down and got myself a fiction press after all that fan fiction...

Well, first and foremost, I apologize ahead of time for any spelling mistakes that lie within these rants. My iPad doesn't offer very sophisticated spell check.

And I... I am really not someone you should be concerned with. I do write, and if you're here, you read. I write so you can read, and so I can spout off my many tales without being looked at funny. :) Onto the important stuff.

My Stories: (All of which are still in the pre-planning process, mind you,)

Troupe: Working title. An odd yarn that came to me in a dream. In all honesty, it was detailed, deep, and made me question what life was all about. I have insomnia. Perhaps it's missing a link or two.

Any who, I hope I can recreate that same feeling in my writing, by drawing out the beauty of what I saw and wrapping it with diolauge. By following the trails of Fetcher (no, not Fletcher.) you'll be immersed in a world never before seen. People get around on tightropes made of stars, and the leaves have beaks. It's a ride worth trying, following the style of a much less trippy version of wonderland. Only this time, there's no Alice, and there's no going back. Well, there is Nonnie, and her amazing following of trained iguanas... But that's secondary.

Obvious fantasy genera. Something to break teen readers away from the classic (but annoyingly repetitive) end of the world/ wizard wannabe/ Twilight imposters. Not that I don't love a little distopia now and then, but come on. Yes, it's a love story. Yes, it's between teens. Yes, there's horribly debilitating teenage angst-- oh, wait, no there's not! It's supposed to make you feel happy. Satisfied. And, strangely enough, I don't think it really has a razor sharp point. It's just there to be. Maybe it'll stand out, maybe it won't. Personally, I think it may just be my way of retaliating against all the look- alike tales on here. Who knows? That's all I have on the burner at the moment.

Loving the iPads new full-size keyboard... Oh, and on a last note about me...

Books I've Enjoyed:

Septimus Heap: has will and forever shall remain my ultimate favorite series.

Twilight: I'm not a twi-hard. Because I list Twilight, I do not deserve a punch in the nose. The writing left a lot to be desired, but the idea... That's where the revenue and popularity comes from. Its unique, and although the themes were controversial, it interested me enough to get to book 3.

Harry Potter: amazingly readable.

Lovely Bnes: How moving!

And, on a final chord... I am 14. That's all ya need! Enjoy navigating my currently non-existent tomes.

Mayhaps you'll give a few clicks?

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