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Update 5/29/2011: Still typing part two, it's going to be so long... so freaking long...

If, you came from the link in my story, thanks for seeing who I am, please look around, the only thing I ask of you is to review on my story/stories, I hate depressing reviews but hate no reviews even more...

Author Bio

Pen name:Drake-El



Hobbies: drawing, writing, reaing manga, writing stories and songs, and listening to indie/alternative/rock bands.

my features: 6'2", black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin.

the truth about MY stories:they would usually be plots for original mangas but I can't draw, go figure the rest out. Oh on another note. i really like to have the main character's arms turned into a weapon in at least half of my stories, dunno why.

Momoryuto ( Flagship of the multi-verse armada): Murome Akuza always wanted a normal life, too bad he has to sacrifice every chance he has to become normal to save the world.

Strawberry Parfait!: Ever since the heroes have defeated the villains, life is peacefule. Now that it is though, most are out of a job! Meet Ichigo, a delinquent looking for a job. He get one at a family diner, filled with heroes rejected by their perspective groups. The reasons why... will amuse you.

Forever Fifteen: He died, but too early and different he was destine to be. Now, as his penance, he's gonna be a reaper. You better sharpen your scyth!

Chibiots: type: mech, adventure, action

Crooked Cross: type: supernatural, action

Boy meets girl, boy finds that girl is a monster exterminator and has a alter ego that she doesn't know about, and boy finds out that he isn't a normal person as well.

Masked: Among Angels and Demons: type: adventure, supernatural

Detective/Thief: Mystery, action

Got a mystery? Call Detective Theif. He won't ask for any reward nor would he take what you give him for thanks. He'll just take what he wants, no matter how many times you say no.

Chimera: Supernateral, fantasy,action, adventure

Witches, they would have taken over the world of Jarenge if not for the help of the Jarenge Anti-Witch Squad (JAWS). But this story is not about them, their agents, or a person aspiring to be one though the characters come to meet them everynow and then. No, this story is about a duo who battle witches for a fee. The summoning witch Sky and her "Master", a human named Tail. Then again, with magic, nothing is as it seems.

ARMory: sci-fi, action

Demon Limbs (as in i don't have a title): Supernatural, Action (Main character is a amputee, don't know if i should put this out. might offend some .)

Kallin said that as long as he could remember, he was missing his right arm and left leg, but how could he explain himself to his friends when a dangerous group of street fighters come looking for the reigning champion of street fighting: "Demon Limbs" Kallin

Guardian Devil: Fantasy, Adventure

equal to zero: Supernatural, action

Powers, everyone is born with them. But this story is not about someone with the strongest power or the most powers, but with a power some what equal to zero.

Reaping the Sower:action, adventure, supernatural

E.D.E.N.: Sci-Fi, action, adventure

Allison Wonderland: (genres? don't know the main plot line yet, i'll get back to you on this.)

Allison Wonderland, a girl who doesn't understand the world anymore, ran from her hometown through the forest. While she has runs away, she see the strangest group: a rabbit, a large bird, and a cat/moon thing. They take her to a world where the rules of logic is twisted, where insanity is truth, a place that Allison somehow... understands. Except for one thing, why are they calling her "the royal highness, Alice"?

A.I Infinity

"Dive into the new virtual reality game "Limited Infinty"!" the tv comercial screamed at the girl in her apartment. "Why not", she thought,"got nothing better to do."

Taichi Kamgi, P.I.D. (Personally Insane Detective)

Taichi has no idea why he's in the nuthouse, but being there isn't his biggest problem. Someone has killed the Director of the facility and placed the blame on him. Now with the help with his friends, he's trying to find the true perpatrator.

Dark (One shot)

there's another world, you don't know when you entered it, THEY always try to trick you cause, ya know, inorder to eat you. Even if you enter a group of survivors, you don't know who to trust. So chose, die alone or die by a thing you thought was your comrade.

Make or Break

To sixteen year old Rayner, breaking all those promises to them weren't the hardest part, it's when they fulfilled their promises...

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