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Amethyst G. here :)

I HAVE A FANFICTION ACCOUNT WITH 2 NOTABLE SONNY WITH A CHANCE STORIES. I used to have Max Ride stories up but I deleted them even though people liked them cuz I never finished them. My pen name on FanFic is SHERRILEE

I'm Green Amethyst (obviously you already knew that). For some unknown reason you are bored enough to read my profile, so here are a couple things to waste your time with!

Name: Hmm... Not telling you my real one.

Address: I'm skipping this one too (I wonder why?). But I do live in Florida, and I used to live in New Jersey. My parents were born in China.

Birth date: Not a chance, stalkers (thought you got me there, eh?)! I'm fifteen as of... now. TMI yet?

My favorite books: ooooo-Twilight Saga-ooooo-Maximum Ride-ooooo-Study Series-ooooo-Tamora Pierce novels-ooooo-Outlander Series-ooooo-

My favorite TV channels: ooooo-Disney Channel-ooooo-Tennis Channel-ooooo-ESPN-ooooo (Random, ain't it?)

My favorite song artists (partial and in no particular order): oo-Kevin Rudolf-oo-Flo Rida-oo-Alicia Keys-oo-Rihanna-oo-Colbie Caillat-oo-Miley Cyrus-ooo-Taylor Swift-oo-Paramore-oo-Lady Gaga-oo-Demi Lovato-oo-Selena Gomez-oo-Dido-oo-Avril Lavigne-oo-Emily Osment-oo-Carrie Underwood-oo-Black Eyed Peas-oo

My favorite color: Green

My favorite animal(s): turtles and rabbits

My life: Tennis. Unless you're sure you know me, you have no idea how good I am at tennis. No freaking idea. You can bet you'll see me on ESPN in years to come.

My insignifigant hobbies: ~Writing. I've been writing a little fanfiction before a became a user, and also lots of other stuff ~Reading. If someone likes to write, and doesn't enojoy reading, there is something wrong with them ~Origamis. I'm better than you think, trust me ~Drawing. I only state the truth; I've got talent in this area too ~Sculpting. I never really get the time or clay, but when I do, the results are fabulous~Ice Skating~ Recreationally. I am awesome, for as much as I actually get to skate :D~

Appearances: oo-my height is 5'8"-oo-my weight is about 120lbs-oo-my eyes are brown-oo-my hair is DARK brown-oo-I'm very tan-oo-I'm lean but very athletic-oo Ha! Think you can spot me in a crowd?

Amethyst G's Random and Recent Section: Everytime I log on I'll update & try to fill up all the bullet points.

~ I'm really liking "Again Again" Lady Gaga. Again, Again, and Again Again!

~Did you know on November 16th, 2010 at 6:39pm-6:43pm in South Florida you could have seen the ISS in orbit, crossing the sky? Well I did :)

~ If you are obsessed with the Twilight Saga like I am, go to for a billion quotes on Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn!

~ Even though I still totally love Cole Sprouse, Sterling Knight is getting the lead. OMG I LOVE CHANNY.

~ Look for cool PC wallpapers on

~ Did I forget to mention? I LOVE to ice skate. As a hobby, recreationally, whatever. But I have my own pair of Riedell skates and go to Incredible Ice (Saveology Sportsplex now) as often as I can!

~ O.M.G. I love A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. Need to get my hands on the next two books!!

~ This year, I have a debit card to actually buy gifts for the holidays

YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME? You might. Here are some random clues:

I used to live in New Jersey

I'm part of the USTA & ITF

I'm Chinese

I used to attend Mount Olive Middle School

I recently attended the Harold Solomon Tennis Institute

I live in South Florida

I used to play tennis at Center Court

I have an adorable little sister named whose name is pronounced Porsche

I have travelled the wOrLd: -nEw JErSeY-FLOrIdA-gEOrGIa-aLAbAmA-CAlIfOrNiA-aRIzOnA-VIRgIniA-pENnSyLvaAnIA-DELeWArE-MArYlaNd-nEw YOrK-iLlInOiS-KENtUcKy-uTaH-SoUtH cArOlInA-nOrTh CaRoLiNa-TeXaS-oHiO-HAwAiI-tEnNeSsEe-MiSsIsSiPpI-TeNnEsSeE-aRkAnSaS-cAnAdA-CHiNa-sPaIN, FrANcE, geRMaNy, HoLLaNd-BeLgiUm-MoRocCo

So if you know someone that qualifies...chances are that's me ;) Good luck!

o--OooooooooooooooooooooO-Amethyst G-OooooooooooooooooooooO--o

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