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So who am I?

I'm Elastic, a girl who loves to write. I've been on FP for years, but barely have anything to show for it. I'll go through months of writing non-stop, trying to get each new story idea out there. Then there will be months where I don't post anything. There are days when I delete stories for not finishing them, and days where I wish I had a back-up file of them.

About six months ago (as of 2 May 2014), I wrote a story titled Reflection, which is about two sisters and them each finding out a part of themselves that they didn't know existed previously. My next goal for FP is to go back and edit it, making it more of what I want it to be, and not what my readers wanted it to be. The last couple of chapters updated (this story is nowhere near finished), it changed as I was losing interest in it.

I'm not saying I don't like my readers to be involved. I will always allow suggestions for a story, and try to work it in if I feel like it would be a good story/plot element.

So who am I outside of writing?

Just your typical girl. One that loves food, fashion, and video games. Okay, maybe that's not very typical, but that's who I am. Deal with it.

(And just a shameless little plug, go check out EatSleepReadWrite and her amazing stories. I believe she is on a little hiatus right now as well, but read what you can. She's a huge inspiration to me)

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Reflection reviews
Although they are sisters, Monroe and Sawyer Cunningham are nothing alike. For starters: One likes to hook-up whenever she can, the other is just coming to terms with her sexuality. Reflection follows both of their stories in a unique way: mixed first-person perspectives, emails, and Instant Messaging, among other formats. Mostly rated T; explicit sections are clearly marked
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