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Hey people,

A little about me...

Age: I'm 21, no sense in hiding such information. What will anyone do with the fact that I'm 21 years old?

Hieght: Too short for my liking, wishing I was taller as I type this. (In other words, 5' 2") not sure why I felt inclined to share that bit of info with the group, but hey, there it is everyone.

Gender: Female, again, no one can do anything with this either.

Favorite quote: "When it rains on my party, I bust out the slip 'n' slide!"

What do I like?

Anime shows and manga, Nicholas Sparks and other romance novel writers, law enofrcement shows (such as Law and Order, In Plain Sight and so on.) Also I love to sketch. Graphic design and interior design are my biggest passions right now. I love to hang out with friends, mostly because they are hysterical and we laugh so much when we hang out.

Any family?

I have two sisters and am the middle child, a mother and a father and a rather large extended family whose differences sometimes wear thin on me-.-


By law I am single, but I plan to be married in the future to the man I'm engaged to.


I have a dog and a cat. Polka and Nikki. Polka is the 4 month old kitten that David and I adopted together.

Do I have a job?

Right now I do not have a job, but have high hopes for the future. I'd love to become a famous author, start my own buisness selling my artwork to customers, get involved with volunteer organizations and start to work to have money to accomplish all of these things that I aspire to.

Politcal views: I will say that I am not a fan of our current president, and while I am normally opinonated, this is one topic of discussion I prefer not to get into. I don't like to agrue with people, and politics bore me for the most part. I'll be asleep- if I am asked to have this type of conversation -before I can even begin a rebuttal. If you don't agree with me that's fine, people are all entitled to their own opinions.

Religious views: While I will not say that I am "devout" I certianly am a Christian and I do believe what I believe. I am happy with that. I do not consider myself to be a hard-core-old-school-by-the-book Christian. For example, I'm not the type to preech to others about how they should believe. If everyone in the world were the same as me, the world would be a mighty boring place to live in, for sure. Also, I do not believe that it should be the only thing you have in life, to the point where you should exhile all those who differ from you. I'm just generally accepting of others, so I don't understand that. (That was a lenghty one, sorry people!)

Location: All I will say is that I live in America, but that fact could be easily understood after reading about my political views. Recently moved in with my fiancee and am pretty happy with my life.

What do I like to write about?

Generally I love to write romance. Now I know there are many more people out there who like to write other genres as apposed to romance for a number of reasons. I couldn't begin to list all of those reasons here. But just let me give my reasons before biting my head off for being so typical. I love to write romance because it gives me the oppertunity to create something really special between two characters. I get to form a bond, make it grow, cause it to stumble and then finally rejoice in its success. I enjoy watching characters struggling with deeper issuses, overcoming their own inner turmoil, not backing off in the face of adversity or opposition and finally working it out with their partner in a manner of my chosing. I get to watch as my characters learn about one another and grow more mature. Finally, I get to take pride in the fact that I created something so special with the intention to make it last. And it's precisely because it's so rare to find in real life -a precious, lasting realtionship -that I have come to love being able to make it happen. I like having the control to make something last. I like that I know it's a sure thing, not a fling. That probably sounds corny, or like I was trying to fake being some poetic, wise-beyond-her-years muse. They are, however, my honest feelings.

Some of my characters:

(Some of the names I came up with when I was really young...probably 9 or 10.)

Blaind Carrington: Is a very loyal, kind-hearted person who will do whatever it takes to make the people that he loves happy. Even if it means he must sacrafice himself in the process. He is deeply in love with his best friend. However, he suffers from a serious inferiority complex, stemming from growing up with parents who were continually disappointed in him. He has blonde hair and blue eyes that change color due to the many different pigmentations in them.

Misty Manning: Fierce; loyal and determined. She grew up with an abusive father, he had killed her mother when she was young after a fight one night when he was drunk. After that, she grew detached, sarcastic and untrusting. Especially towards the ones closest to her. She's also a flirt- and a not a shameless one- she always retains her dignity. Dispite how she tries to fool everyone, she really does care about the people around her and she wants the best for them. She also has an incredible intuition and knows that Blaind has fallen for her. She has light almond colored hair and golden eyes.

(Different story now.)

Chasity Morrisdon: A smart, athletic girl of many talents. She's also an orphan, living with her grandmother after her parents had died in a car accident when she was still a small child. She's what I like to call my "Sweet and sour" character. She's one of the nicest, kindest characters I have created while also being witty, stubborn and sacrcastic. Also, she can be violent when provoked. She's always loved Christian -her best friend from childhood- but the two of them slowly became estranged after they started middle school.

Christian Maese: Christian is an extremely shy boy who's a little more sensitive than most. He was raised by only his mother, after his father walked out on them when he was a baby. He had never grown attached to the sterotype that men are stronger than women, so he knows inside that it's okay for everyone to actually have feelings one way or the other about things. He's a kind person who tries to fit in in middle school and ends up growing estranged from Chasity as well. He loved her since he met her and hasn't stopped since.

There's something HUGE in store for these two characters, so be checking your local bookstores in the near future;) (That is, if you want to don't HAVE to.)

For other characters, check out my stories as I start putting more of them up!

Lord, I pray for wisdom to understand my man, love to forgive him and patience for his moods, because lord, should I pray for strength, I will surely beat him to DEATH. AMEN.

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