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I'm working on my original stuff,its a fantasy epic type thing that I plan to eventually make into a comic. I'm going to try to get some feedback on my story here as i am not well read in the fantasy genre (or any other genre that does not appear in a university textbook) and I want to avoid creating a dull, cut and paste, fantasy story as much as possible.
Anyway, for the plot of my story, I was thinking a dwarf, an elf, and a geriatric wizard would walk into a bar and be given a map by a mysterious cloaked figure sitting in the corner puffing smoke rings from a long pipe who would later join them as they battle hundreds of ugly demons while trying to rescue a princess and obtain the sword of victory from the mountains of doom.
I'm sorry, I'm really not taking this bio seriously. I usually don't use run on sentences.

In the meantime, enjoy other people's stories!