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Hey guys.

im the same xxxlollie96xxx on fanfiction.. i can't get on there as much as i like but im always on here 24/7 my page is opened to my fictionpress..

Name: Enijha, Midget, Midgy, Bam, Enyo, Sissy,Bub Location: NSW, Australia
Interests: God, Writing, Music, Friends, Beach, Ice skating Age: 15

so if you would like to talk to me about my storys or got ideas or anything let me know and i'll open it right away and add it in (:

i Recumend you to read storys by Moonlit Song, Golden Waves, Nightingales Melody, ShadowReader they are all best friends of mine i go to school with but just because they are friends of mine dont think that im just telling to read there storys cause friends are always trying to help friends out. I'm asking you to read them because they are fantastic writers and i love them all.

I'm very easy to get along with as long as you dont dis my family and friends.

Hope in the near future that you like my storys and if you think i need something changed do not be sceard to tell me...

I am a christian

I am female

I am a teenager

I am a writer

I am a reader

I am a person

I'm not perfect

I'm not gonna diss your apinion or book

I'm not gonna have PERFECT spelling

I'm not a girl who likes beening told how to live.

A bit on my storys.

The story of Clrissa Fray: She thought she was a normal girl. She would go to school hang with friends and fight with her mother. But one day her mother disappers but leaves a note telling her to go to her best friends house and to take a knife called Cungey. Her mother says it will keep her safe..Does it?

Skaters: They skate, They hang, They eat, They sleep, They swim. There is a girls group and a guys group. Some times they will join together and hang sometimes they wont. but this one day they do and a muckaround time turns into a relationship. Will it last? What will the group say? Will the group last?

Horror (i need a better name let me know!): i got told about the hornted house i wanted to have a look. i herd a chainsaw i ran i was being follow and couldn't remember how to get out! can i get out in time? or was it all just a dream? (Read to find out)

Moving to LA: Donnalee gets made to move to her new step fathers and made to leave her hometown! She moves away but her best friend Danni follows not long after for a holiday. Donna finds out that there is a band member of the favourite band who lives next door! they can not believe it and slowly become fine with moving to La. what will happen between the "friends"? and Danni has to leave within 6 weeks will Donna alowe her just to leave her?

Thanks for being on my profile and i hope that i will soon see reviews by you (:

The Lord said:
"If you deny me infront of your friends,
I will deny you infront of my father"

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skaters reviews
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hornted house.. chainsaw noise... and me..
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