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-Edit-*clears throat* Yes, well, as you have noticed, things haven't quite been going as I planned. I worked forty hours a week this summer, and as soon as it was done I was busy moving into an apartment near my school. Then classes started, assignments piled up and got sorted out, only to come tomidterms... I'm sure you have heard it before. However, I have one more week of classes before finals and then a month of vacation with absolutely nothing to do! I do have things to post, short things. But most excitingly, I am working on a revision of one of my novels. The only novel I have almost completed, in fact. It didn't get finished because it needed reworking, which I have already begun. Once the first few chapters are done, I will begin posting them and getting outside feedback. The current title is "Raion-saki" (TheLion Cape -- it makes more sense when you read it) but it may have a different title when it finally is posted. We shall see. I shall keep you all apprised.-End Edit-

Is anyone even still bothering to come see if I updated? I really hope so because -- believe it or not -- I have new things to post! Yes, I have returned! *waits for applause to die down, only to hear crickets* I thought as much... Well, if I do have any faithful readers remaining, show your love in your response. And now, unveiling my newest story...

New Story
Streams of the Conscience
A first person narrative that I wrote last semester for Advanced Creative Writing. Many subtle hints that I hope the reader will pick up on. If you wish to know all the little things I wrote into it, or if you think you've figured me out, feel free to email me with your questions and/or comments. Enjoy!

New Story
The Beast of the Forest
A short little piece about... Well, that would be spoiling the surprise. *smile* Read, and find out what the beast is, and the bizarre world in which it lives.

Fear not! There are many more updates coming, but I must run off to class now. Stay tuned for more!

A lil about me (feel free to skip this part)
I am aJunior in college with a rather sarcastic sense of humor and a wild imagination.Why, just the other day... Oh, sorry, I forgot, that's classified.
I love writing, love fantasy, adventure, chivalry... Many things. =) But I'm not important! My writing is. So go read it. Please. And review. I give cookies to my reviewers! *beg* Enjoy!
Humor is a rubber sword - it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.
*ArwenStar* _ P.S., incase you're wondering, 914 stands for Psalm 91:4, my favorite scripture - "He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge..."

To Seize the Wind by ArwenAria18 reviews
A cry in the autumn-time for adventure, to follow the winds, and to not be restrained, even by love.
Poetry: General - Rated: K - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 202 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 5 - Published: 1/5/2002
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First person narrative. A simple morning may not be so normal as it may seem. Along same thought as An Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge. r/r please
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A description of how I feel right now. This is what happens when an adventurer is chained. r/r
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A true tale of unrequited love. I may add on to it later, but for now it is just about one evening. Please r/r.
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What would you do if faced with death for your beliefs? Would you give them up, or would you die? Rated PG for some violence. Please read and review.
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A poem I wrote when I was bored. Looking back through time to- well, read it and see.
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In my literature class I had to write a sonnet, and it was extremely difficult, so I wrote a sonnet about how hard it is to write sonnets. Interesting topic, huh?
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Just a pretty little poem I like. You may not like it tho, but that's okay.
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A pathetic attempt at a lymerick. Kinda cute, I think...
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A confusing assignment. You tell me(hint hint) r/r
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