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Hey guys :)

If you're wanting to know whether this account is still active, it is. But I only post to the Book of Shadows now. I'm still writing short stories and everything. But most of what I write now is written in a world that's extremely complex and based on a huge amount of worldbuilding - and I don't explain anything in the stories, because I write them for myself rather than an audience and I already know all of it. So if I posted them, they would be desperately confusing. I am planning on writing full-length stories that are made for an actual audience in this world, so when I get a few of those done I'll post them along with my pages and pages of worldbuilding notes in case anybody needs them. Which you probably will, because I have a tendency to info-dump. But the stories will take a long time, so don't expect them anytime soon. For now, the only active story is Book of Shadows.

Also, I'm currently working on a new version of Love and War, which now has a different title - along with many, many other things that have been changed. It's pretty much unrecognizable now except for the basic stuff: main girl and main guy are on opposite sides of a supernatural war. Twisted relationships, extremely murky pasts, destructive secrets, guns, violence, magic, etc. All that stuff's the same, but the details have been completely revamped. Like their names. And races. :) Anyway, that will probably be the first to go up.

I'm also working on several Others. (Haha. Worldbuilding joke. Don't try to understand it, it's only funny to me.) One of them involves arranged marriage, a too-independent female lead, women who can see auras, and unbelievably dangerous babies. It's stuck in the preliminary stages - I still don't really have a personality for the male lead, and the plot is more of a premise. I have to get the actual plot worked out still. The other one I'm working on is set in a legendary and completely anachronistic country hidden in the middle of China, where a palace full of supernatural creatures rules over the humans who live outside it. It's my only one starring a human. That one's still in the preliminary stages too, but I've got most of the world details figured out. I just need to finish working out characters and plot.

My Fanfiction account is Shadows-Kiss-The-Weak.

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