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I love writing crossover fics, mostly Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and Gundam wing, I also like reading them. My favorite parings are Usa/Mamoru, Usa/Vegeta, 01x02, 03+04, me+05 (I wish) and some other mixtures. I write some small FF7 fics and posting some from my friend Mogman2 (so all the insanity from them is not just mine.)but the other stories I co-write them with my faithful friend Water Dragon.

Water Dragon: Faithful friend? What do I look like? A dog?

Fire Dragon: 0.o Umm...nevermind. Anyways I hope you enjoy them.

Water Dragon: Remember to tell them about-

Fire Dragon: SHUT UP!!! I was getting to that. I am very proud to say that I'm building my very own Web Site, and I'm gonna put some stories that are not up here jet. It's a state of the art site so-

Water Dragon: State of the art? are you crazy? you build it yourself!!!

Fire Dragon: -please when it's up, go and see it. However since I builded it, it has some minor problems, but who I'm I to tell -.-;;;

Water Dragon: minor? MINOR?! you couldn't even find your files last time!!!

(Fire Dragon whacks Water Dragon on the head and starts dragging her off the stage)

Fire Dragon: Well I'll be going now, remember that I'll be posting my stories faster on my web site than here, so please go and check it out.

Water Dragon: x.X


I moved my homepage to angelfire, so if you are reading my stories on my site, please note that I moved them. However, I will keep my acount on geocities to poste my art gallery.